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PAX 2010 - A Comprehensive and Funktastic Look Back!


WARNING: EXTREMELY LONG BLOG! This is pretty much a full comprehensive blog about my trip to PAX 2010. It will go over the first couple days I was there prior to the convention and will go into as much detail as possible to give those who couldnít make the trip, an idea of just what they unfortunately missed out on. Be prepared for a lot of reading and picture (about 75) viewing! You have been warned!

Dag yo! So, this blog is about 2 months after a great meeting of awesome people in Seattle. If you couldnít guess from the title, this is a blog about PAX 2010. I usually write my thoughts about big events like this about a month after it occurs, but due to the site going over a complete overhaul, as well as being busy as hell with my last semester of school and a couple part-time jobs, itís now going up now. As mentioned above, this will be a complete guide to my 5 day experience for my second PAX and third in total, which includes the inaugural PAX East. There will be an immense amount of DOMO, pictures of awesome food, some pretty sweet cosplay, my experience as Mr. Destructoid, and a list of shout outs that will try to cover everyone. Just for a heads up, Iím thinking Iíll be doing this blog in the order of:

- First couple days in Seattle and food
- Cosplay
- The Show Floor/Convention
- Destructoid LIVE!
- The Destructoid Community

If youíre not interested in a particular section, just try to find a corresponding picture with one of the topics above and go from there. Iím also going to exclude the stuff I bought, shopped for, swag I acquired and such, as that will be its own separate blog. With that said, let us begin!

So, I arrived in Seattle at around noon after waking up balls early in Calgary and waiting a couple hours in Hongcouver for my connecting flight (thatís what happens when you fly for free using Aeroplan points). Instead of being smart and paying about $2 to take the train from the airport to downtown, I was ďlazyĒ per se, and ended up paying $35 for a cab to my hotel. The good thing that came out of this was that my cabbie was also quite the fan of football, which we talked somewhat extensively about, but he was unfortunately a goddamn Liverpool fan! Hahaha! So, I got to the hotel (also free, due to Fennec Foxís Dadís Marriot points), checked-in, and decided to see if anything was going on. This actually caused me to breakdown and get Twitter, since I didnít have a phone to contact people and was trying to figure out who else was already in the city. Long story short, I couldnít find out what was going on, watched a bit of the crazy Asian guy who was holding the Discovery Channel building hostage, and then decided to embark on some site seeing.

Since this was my second time to Seattle, I kind of had a decent sense of where I was going, and decided to go to Pike Place Market and see what was new. Right at the entrance, they have their world famous fish market, and due to my retardedness, I didnít take a picture, but they were tossing the fish around and were having a hell of a time. For my fellow foodies, I had a shot glass with an oyster and cocktail sauce, which was decent. What was REALLY tasty was the salmon jerky and the garlic peppered smoked salmon! I HIGHLY recommend that anyone that goes to try both. After that quick snack, I went to the ORIGINAL Starbucks to just check it out and pick up a couple of mugs for my buddy sylphx who was the one responsible for filming and editing my PAX East video.

Just outside of this Starbucks was a black gospel group that was EXTREMELY talented. Their beats and harmony was nothing short of sensational and I stayed a while and listened to a couple of their songs.

I followed this up by going to Pike Place Chowder, which is also found in Pike Place Market. Let me just get this out of the way . . . THIS PLACE HAS THE BEST CLAM CHOWDER YOU WILL EAT!!! Iím quite a big chowder fan (and food in general) and have had my fair share of chowders from the west coast, seafood restaurants, generic places, fancy places, New York, Boston, and god knows where else, but you will find and eat the best chowder from this place. Finding this place very late last year, I went here for lunch and had myself a traditional clam chowder (succulent and tender clams, potatoes, bacon, the good stuff) and a Dungeness crab roll. The crab roll was not what I was expecting. It wasnít bad by any means, but I think with a little more seasoning it couldíve been that much better. The chowder on the other hand was nothing short of sensational again. Iím pretty sure DOMO would agree! ^_^

I like food! Iím also Asian (aka, NOT WHITE . . . hahaha . . . only a few people will get that joke! =P)! So, Iíll pretty much eat any and everything. Personally, I love me some fresh oysters. I was told by a few reliable people that Elliottís on one of the many piers was the place to go. So, after my chowder and crab roll, I headed down the hill for yet another meal. If youíre wondering, I was hungry, I didnít have anything to eat until I got to Seattle, and I literally just finished working 7 days a week for 4 months at 2 jobs, so I was going to treat myself! =P My waiter was extremely friendly and cordial, and we were discussing vacation spots and oysters in general, as he was happy to hear a tourist who actually knew something about what he was about to eat. I went for a variety dozen and waiter came back with:

- Willapa Bay
- Sun Hollow
- Deep Bay
- SS Kumomato

The Willapa Bay oysters had a milky, smooth texture with a powerful sweetness that I thoroughly enjoyed. The Sun Hollow ones were my serverís favorite and he had pretty good taste. They were a much firmer oyster with a more subtle sweetness that came during the aftertaste. The Deep Bay oysters were much like the Willapa Bay ones, but less sweet, which were still good, but probably my least favorite of my tray. Finally, the smaller SS Kumomatos were sensational, as they were full of flavor, sweetness, and had a bit of a fruity taste. Whoever was shucking the oysters was good at their job, as the oysters were cleanly shucked and the nectar was still in the shells. Sensational . . . that is all.

I shouldíve written parts of this earlier than I did, but from what I remember after this, was that I headed back to the hotel to meet up with Fennec fox, and we went to I believe The Elephant & Castle to see if there were any other Dtoiders and just hung out there for the rest of the night.

So, on Thursday, Fennec fox and I decided we were going to take up some sites again, before meeting up with everyone in the evening at Gameworks. We decided to go back to Pike Place Chowder, and this time around DOMO and I had a cup of Seared Scallop Chowder and a cup of Smoked Salmon Chowder, just to mix things up. Once again, nothing short of incredible! =) How can you go wrong with seared bay scallops, with fresh dill and lime juice, in a creamy broth, along with a chowder of smoked salmon with capers and cream cheese? d(Ď-Ďd) Delicious.

After lunch, we decided we were going to go to what I effectively called ďJapantown,Ē otherwise Pink Gorilla and Seattleís Chinatown. It was about a 30 minute walk from Pike Place and along the way, we got to take in a few of Seattleís other sites as well. Being a big footie fan, we passed by QWEST Field, home of the Seattle Sounders, so DOMO decided to wanted to have a picture with it. Itís the building behind the clock tower.

This is the entrance to Chinatown, ďJapantown,Ē whatever the hell you want to call it. While we were there, we went to the Pink Gorilla for the second year running, to find it typically empty as they had already moved pretty much their entire inventory to PAX already. From the advice of Destructoidís resident Servbot super fan, TheCleaningGuy, we went to go check out Kinokuniya and Uwajimaya. The former was a Japanese book, figures, soundtrack, and random doodads store, while the latter was like a super huge awesome Asian supermarket that had like about everything! Being the tard I am, I was still hungry and decided to get some extremely reasonably (at least compared to where Iím from) priced Miso Glazed Black Cod! Goddamn does Seattle have some balliní seafood!

So, after being disappointed by the lack of stuff at the main Pink Gorilla store, and the fact that it was still early afternoon, we decided to see what the University Pink Gorilla store was like. Let me say that I really effiní wish that Canada would adopt the transit system found in most big US cities. It was so easy and efficient to hop on a bus and get to the university. The area around the University of Washington caters well to students and the Pink Gorilla nearby fortunately didnít have everything moved to PAX yet, so we were able to pick up a few things and play in their awesome arcade that had things like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Popín Music.

We headed back to the downtown core and went our separate ways for a while, since I didnít have any particular interest going to the Space Needle. I checked out a few of the malls for some gaming stuff that I can only find in the States, as well as to see if there was any DOMO stuff kicking about. I stopped by the Red Lion to see if there were any other Dtoiders hanging about, only to be left disappointed that no one showed up . . . except that Elsa and her husband, Mongoose, came out TWICE! I unfortunately did not know that this was Elsa, as I had no idea what she looked like! She on the other hand, noticed I was carrying DOMO around, but decided against saying anything, just in case, you know, itís common that people just carry a DOMO around and a guy who has him as his Destructoid avatar might not do such a thing . . . =P Hahaha! That night we all met up at Gameworks, had a drink named after the site, and had a giddy old time! Pictures and more from that will come in the last section. I also managed to finally get a phone from my homeboy and all around awesome guy, Kryptinite!

You know what makes for a good late night snack? Cheesecake! =D Hahaha! The Cheesecake Factory was the destination for such deliciousness and you obviously see that DOMO couldnít wait to dig in! There may have also been a Zombie on a traffic cone eying up my tiramisu cheesecake . . . =)

Hmmm . . . well hopefully the order of my ďsectionsĒ still kind of makes sense. Oh well! Hahaha! Now weíre moving onto cosplay my friends! To start things off, we have a Zombie and some Sunflowers from Plants vs. Zombies! These people were actually hired by Popcap to walk around, but the costumes they provided were nothing short of top notch. The Zombie actually really got into character was flailing around and doing the somewhat high pitched ďZombieĒ voice as well. DOMO was very impressed.

Getting onto the show floor, we ran into the Prince from the ďoriginalĒ Prince of Persia trilogy! This guy was dressed up as the Prince from Warrior Within, and was detailed as hell, as those are the swords that he has on the cover of the game! I donít know if this guy was hired by Ubisoft, but I hope he wasnít, as it would make it that much freaking better! DOMO told me he was actually a little scared by this guy, since the swords were actually really sharp! =S

Seriously? What canít duct tape do? Hahaha! It seems Cloud managed to do something to piss DOMO off, which is why I assume heís looking pretty scared. Iím assuming itís because he offended the lady Star Fleet Officer and DOMO, being the gentleman he is, defended her honor . . . or something like that! =D Still, the time and effort to make something like that costume, and particularly how well done and detailed it is, totally needed to be mentioned.

DOMO really should know how to pick his fights . . . >_< It seems he pissed off Isaac from Dead Space and if it werenít for my intervention, DOMO might be a more charred black than his typical brown. I still find it incredible the amount of dedication these people put into their costumes, as thereís full blown metal with this guy, and blood splatters, and so much shiny . . . hahaha!

JOURNALISM! Here we have a fantastic Ulala from Space Channel 5! Sheís covered wars, you know . . . hahaha! ;-D DOMO was a little awestruck by meeting such a big celebrity and such a pretty one at that! Iím actually kind of surprised I managed to get a picture of her without like a million other guys hassling her, as she was quite the . . . ďattractionĒ letís say, during the weekend . . . >_<

Looks like we had some Starcraft fans make it out to PAX! I shouldíve gotten a better picture upon retrospect, but I think itís an understatement no matter how I say it, but these guys were just a LITTLE popular for the other attendees, so I didnít want to take up even more of their time. Here we have Jim Raynor, Kerrigan, and a Reaper. While the Kerrigan costume was hella sweet due to the wings, the lady wearing it seemed to be VERY uncomfortable . . . >_<

Here we have some of the Mario crew! Due to me being dumb, I kept calling the Blooper Qalamari, since it just so happens to be his avatar. After realizing my error far too late, they were still nice enough to let DOMO get a picture with them. Iím kind of sad I didnít get the Lakitu on the very left in the picture . . . =(

If you know me, you know that Iím a pretty big fan of Katamari Damacy, and holy hell! COUSIN! ^_^ Iíve seen a few other Katamari cosplayers before, but never one that used like a grate as a method to see. This person was badass, not to mention there were serenaded by Destructoidís own Jonathan Holmes in one of the videos about PAX.

I saw this group of people a few times throughout the convention and every time they were doing some awesome photo posing! The expression on Phoenix Wrightís face while holding DOMO is just priceless in my books. Along with Phoenix, we had Maya Fey and Emma Sky from the Ace Attorney series, as well as a kickass Little Sister from BioShock 2 that did the voice pretty much perfectly.

Look at that freaking detail! =O That is an unbelievably awesome Skullkid from Majoraís Mask! I mean he even had a handler go around behind her (Iím pretty sure it was a lady behind the mask) and have Tael follow her around.

So, I actually ended up liberating this picture from the Destructoid Flickr photo stream, but I just had to include it only because of the Heavyís facial expression with the Sandvich! On the whole though, these people had probably the best Team Fortress 2 crew that was at the convention.

Okay, well I just HAD to include this one as well, even though I never saw this person. Seriously! How freakiní badass do you have to be to not only dress up as a Big Daddy from BioShock 2, along with Little Sister next to you, but to actually go to one of the concerts in full costume and be able to fit in the seat! d(Ď-Ďd) This just reminds me that I have to find some time to play BioShock 2 . . . -_-Ď

Now letís move onto the show floor and the convention itself. Iím going to start with Southpeak and TopWareís booth. I actually ran into the guys who were at PAX East and held the contest I won. Being as awesome as they frigginí are, they actually gave me an extra Exhibitor Pass on top of the Three-Day Pass I bought, so I could get in early and take a look around. Iíd have to say this PAX had a better layout than the one from last year and had more exhibitors that I actually wanted to check out. I decided to also help out and move an obscene number of t-shirts to their booth, in return for yet another act of kickass kindness. As you can see from the above picture, Two Worlds II was a big focus for their booth, and I actually got to play a 15 minute or so demo and once again, itís looking pretty dang good yo! They also had Battle vs. Chess and nailíd there as well, which were both pretty big hits as well. Many thanks to all of you once again for proving to know how to do Public Relations properly and being part of some very promising games. ^_^

As per usual. I substituted DOMO in lieu of myself in these pictures, as it makes it a lot easier and faster to do it this way. Here is DOMO posing with a giant statue of Halo: Reachís Noble Team. Itís pretty much the same statue that is in the Legendary version of the game. Nothing overly special, but still cool nonetheless.

So, I didnít decide to take pictures until the convention was done on Sunday and exhibitors were already packing up, but thatís beside the point. I was lucky to still have an Exhibitor Pass that allowed me to do this, but Iíll explain what was near each booth as well, since I couldnít get a picture of everything. Here we have Star Wars: The Old Republic. Being a big Star Wars fan, I couldnít resist, even though I never got a chance to try it out. -_-Ď From what I heard from a few people that did try it out, itís apparently broken and buggy as all hell, so hereís hoping they fix it for when itís released, unlike Final Fantasy XIV Online. The Pink Gorilla booth was also nearby, which had your typical plethora of awesome gaming goodness, but in my opinion, there stuff wasnít as good this year as it was last year. Also, their payment method seemed to regress and be much more inefficient this time around.

Once more with some more Star Wars! Here we have the other side of the LucasArts booth, which had demos of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, which was also just recently released, and it seems to be one heck of a fun game.

Disney Interactive had 3 booths at PAX and all of them were promoting Disney Epic Mickey, which looks EXTREMELY promising. The concept behind it and the fact that it features Oswalt the Rabbit, the ďoriginalĒ Mickey Mouse, makes it that much more intriguing. This picture is of one of the two Disney animators/drawers that literally took requests from attendees for all opening hours of the convention to draw ANY Disney character they wanted. I waited in line for like 1.5 hours or so, because how often does an opportunity like this occur? I got him to draw me Fantasia Mickey and just watching it come to life before your eyes is nothing short of surreal. Somehow I also didnít get a picture of the 4 Sony booths by this one, which had demos for inFamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, and Move. All 3 games were actually really fun and seem to build upon the previous iterations.

I have been to 3 PAXes so far, and I have been to all 3 of Bill Amendís panels. Once again, in case you donít know who that is, he is the creator of my favorite newspaper comic, FoxTrot. He had a different panel this year and went on to talk more about his ideas about drawing video game related comics. This is one of my favorite panels he has drawn in recent time that was about superhero comics appearing on the iPad, which eventually led to The Flash being shot down, hahaha! I also asked on behalf of my friend, why he chose Quincy to be Jasonís pet, of which he explained when he was younger he loved to draw frogs and dinosaurs, which led to a pet iguana, hahaha!

3 PAXes, 3 panels, 3 pictures with Bill Amend! Here is now my regular picture with Bill Amend at a PAX. I got yet another signed print and DOMO thoroughly enjoyed seeing him again as well. He actually brought his family out this time and his son and daughter were also at his little signing booth. I asked to get a picture with all of them, but when his kids were getting up, Bill politely declined their involvement, which was understandable. Still, the main reason I wanted the whole Amend clan in the picture, was because his son was actually wearing a shirt that had 3 howling wolves and a moon, which was what the very elusive Okamiden t-shirt was based off of. So awesome meeting him again, plus his new book The Best of FoxTrot is out now and I highly suggest you pick it up!

Back to the show floor! Here we have the highlight of Nintendoís booth, which was promoting Metroid: Other M, Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, Kirbyís Epic Yarn, and Donkey Kong Country Returns. This was a display that had headless mannequins dressed up in Samusí Zero Suit and military suit. I thought that was pretty slick. There was nothing overly special or such about the booth, but all the games were particularly top notch and fun. There were Dragon Quest guys giving away a special map, as well as like a million people canvassing guests. I managed to canvass 100 guests, but that was nothing compared to the one rep who got like 1,000!

Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the Capcom store part of the booth, but here is where they held mini-tourneys for what is looking to be one of my favorite games of 2011, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. They also had a Capcom Unity booth/podcast area, as well as demos for Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, neither of which I tried or had interest in.

Here we have DOMO on another side of the Capcom booth, which had demos of Okamiden (extremely hella awesome) and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (also super sweet). I am looking forward to these two very promising games from Capcom and I suggest you guys keep an eye out for them as well. Right on the other side of these two, was a large number of TVs for Dead Rising 2, which I assume most of you have already played. Hands down, BEST booth of PAX once again.

Well, if youíre going to go big, you might as well go REALLY big! This is Bethesdaís booth for Fallout: New Vegas, which had an awesome T-Rex and New Vegas sign. They also had stuff for Brink and Hunted: The Demonís Forge. They were also the smartest people in terms of handing out swag, as they literally had barriers that just made people form a line and they just handed out t-shirts and posters periodically without having to do anything! THAT my friends is how you do swag at PAX! ^_^

This was Valveís extremely simple, but incredibly effective booth. They had a big area which people were let into to watch a demo of Portal 2, and then the rest of the area was for people to wait in line. They only had a certain amount of t-shirts they were giving out, with about 5 different designs, and were actually super stupid and didnít budget t-shirts for all 3 days, so they ran out after a day and a half. Long story short, I was pissed, but I still managed to get a t-shirt! =) I donít think I really need to say anything about the game . . . =D Iíll just mention that BioWare and Ubisoft were also there with their games, but the lines were far too long and I just didnít have much interest in the games they had there, like: Dragon Age II, Just Dance, Assassinís Creed: Brotherhood, and a few others. There was also the Hudson booth, which had their typical fare and the cute rep that Iíve seen at the 3 PAXes Iíve been to! ;-D

My homegirl Ashley (sheís still just a lurker on the site) says that I pretty much HAVE to play Dead Space. Well, when we found the Dead Space 2 booth, we had to take a look. It actually seems to be pretty sweet, but I think I better get on playing the first one before this one comes out. The other 3 EA booths had various other games that werenít all that exciting (to the point that I canít remember what they were), except for the awesome arcade cabinet they built for NBA Jam was hella sweet!

So, the ď2K booth,Ē was in reality a Gearbox booth, which had the BIGGEST surprise of the show . . . Duke Nukem Forever! It was such a surprised that even the Penny-Arcade guys didnít know that ďthe game that will never come outĒ was present, which led to the creation of THIS awesome comic! Around the very black and non-descript booth, there were pictures of Duke in various poses of ultra manliness for convention goers to look at, while they waited in line for 2+ hours. I actually grew up on Duke Nukem playing it without my parents knowing and being giddy as a schoolgirl. In order, we have Duke being super balliní at poker, Duke as an astronaut, The King on Mount Everest, The King as king of the ring (like anyone else would stand a chance), Duke with his 2 awards (I believe they were ĎBest Actorí and ĎMost Humble,í hahaha!), and finally Duke showing Hamza whose boss! Hahaha! =P

Oh what? A PLAYABLE demo? Awwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhh! DOMO was so excited and didnít think people would believe us if we told them, he insisted on having a picture with the playable demo just to show you that The King lives! The amount of stuff you can do in the game is awesome, like erasing white boards, and drawing your own pictures and stuff. You even being the demo with a classic moment of taking a leak in a urinal and the first level ends with 2 schoolgirls . . . ďcoming up for air,Ē asking how Duke thought the game was (you play as him, playing himself for the first level), and how their ďperformanceĒ was. =3

DOMO was aroused, excited, and just wanted to show you guys that this is REAL and TRUE Duke! ;-D

MORTALLLLLLLLLL KOMBATTTTTTTTTTTTT! *hums Mortal Kombat song* Holy hell! This reboot is nothing short of SENSATIONAL! First things first. You needed a valid government issued ID to get into Duke Nukem Foreverís demo, due to its material, while right across from it, you have the incredibly brutal and graphic Mortal Kombat. The blood and gore is totally in line with the series and is done very well. If you continually hit someone in a particular area (their face for example), itíll start to bruise or the skin will begin to tear, and itíll actually carry from round-to-round. You can also do slow motion ďx-rayĒ moves, where it shows you like breaking arms, or spines, or crushing skulls! The fatalities are also completely off-the-hook! Iím excited! They also had a bunch of other games at the WB Games booths, but none were all that interesting besides Mortal Kombat, with the exception of maybe Super Scribblenauts. They had a good idea for swag, but it was also super retarded at the same time. Iíll leave that story until my next blog . . . my haul from PAX 2010!

This is Square Enixís booth. Iím thinking there isnít much to say about it, as all the games that were at PAX are already released and you guys should all have a pretty good idea of how they play. The one exception was Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is looking pretty sweet. Iím actually kind of pissed at Square Enix for not being like Capcom (easily the best booth YET again) and having a ďstoreĒ at it, as they had a ton of room to, and thereís SOOO much stuff that gamers want to buy from them, but donít have easy access to. Iíll just say that Segaís booth, which was nearby that had awesome demos of various games and was a lot more fun than this one.

This year we had yet another awesome and extremely detailed chalk drawing. As you can see, we have Metroid: Other M, which was so colorful and awesome. Something Iíll mention is that a lot of people who saw me getting DOMO to pose in pictures in lieu of myself, usually though it was totally awesome. I actually had someone volunteer to hold DOMO for me in this case and just want to say it was duly appreciated. If I had to choose though . . . Iíd say that the BioShock 2 one from last year JUST barely inches this one out though.

Well, that pretty much does it for the show floor, and I didnít really go to too many panels, but I did get the honor and responsibility of being Mr. Destructoid! I took my duty very seriously and as you can see, DOMO and I were looking pretty damn balliní and smashing if I may say so myself! ^_^

Here I am with a giant sword/spear prop-like thing at the Dragon Age II booth. I honestly donít get why everyone says that the helmet is heavy and that itíll hurt your neck. I had no issues with it, but my theory was because I do ďneck push-upsĒ when I workout, hahaha! =P Still, I thought this was a pretty slick picture!

Here I am rocking the devil horns on the keyboard for Rock Band 3. Harmonix had a surprisingly small booth and this was the only time I went to it. I tried playing a song with the helmet on, but with the angle of the viewing area being downwards (mainly at ďassĒ level), it didnít go over too well. That said, it made for a pretty awesome picture.

Finally, as I was waiting in the ďmain areaĒ to pass off my Mr. Destructoid duties to the next person, there were a couple of Team Fortress 2 cosplayers who wanted a picture with me. I honestly didnít know what the hell was going on, as there were people everywhere, but I just did what I was told. I ended up holding the Engineerís shotgun, while she repaired A GUY DRESSED UP AS A SENTRY! Iím sorry, but that was . . . BADASS! My time as Mr. Destructoid was nothing short of fun filled strutting, and I recommend it to anyone up for a challenge, as it can get a bit tiring after a while with the helmet on and not being able to see too well. That said, if given the opportunity, I would do it again in a heartbeat next year.

There isnít really much more I can say about Destructoid LIVE that you canít see for yourself by clicking HERE! I mean we had an awesome time in general, there were tons of laughs, you have Niero explaining what Destructoid is for those who arenít part of the community, LostCrichton in his shirtless glory eating a Sinnerís Sandwich, and then people like myself asking questions. Iím in the last video suggesting a new review system that some other community members agreed with me that would create a lot less controversy. I highly suggest you click the link and watch the videos.

And now weíve come to the last section of this already extremely lengthy blog . . . The Destructoid Community . . . and a few of those closely connected to it. While PAX alone is a pretty sweet event in itself, but the real fun of it is meeting and hanging out with all the people from this wonderful community. Having people from all around the world, be it from the United State, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and jeebus knows where else, all come together and congregate in one place, all due to one manís dream of setting up a website so he could get into E3 . . . itís something thatís truly amazing and that a lot of us probably take for granted. Still, I begin with the infamous Enforcer who so elegantly witnessed us setup for a number of minutes, and just as we were taking the group picture, decided to cockblock us like a mother fucker for some retarded reason. Apparently, we were a ďfire hazard,Ē which was true to a certain extent, but he couldíve also informed us a hell of a lot earlier. So, we naturally did the next best thing, instead of blocking a few sets of stairs, we just blocked the main entrance doors (about 8 of them) into the actual convention center itself. Hahaha!

Well, these guys just got a lot of exposure on the site recently, but here we have the entire Fangamer crew. For those of you who donít know, these people are an EXTREMELY dedicated group of gamers who make fanmade gaming items of supremely high quality and arenít obnoxious like most gaming clothing and items. I have a t-shirt of theirs, as well as some stickers and a number of pin sets. As Hamza posted on the front page yesterday, they just made some Destructoid Pins just on the whim. These are the kind of people who deserve our utmost respect and I just want them to know that at least this guy truly appreciates all the hard work, time, and effort they put into making these items for us to purchase. An extremely big THANK YOU to all of you for everything youíve managed to give back to us gamers. An EXTRA SPECIAL thank you to Jon Kay specifically (heís apparently the guy who designs most of the stuff and is the guy in the back row with glasses) for actually remembering me from PAX East and being kind enough to give me a few goodies as well! ^_^

The rest of the pictures from here on out are from Chapel Bar on Suiterday and Rock Bottom. Just in case you guys were wondering about the venues.

Next up would be my fellow Calgarians that I went to PAX with! First up would be Fennec_fox, who also came with me to PAX 2009, but was known as GraveRisen back then. Twas another grand time and the Marriott points were totally sweet. Next up would be Ashley, who is still a lurker on the site, who also originally didnít take me serious on my offer to come to PAX, but eventually came through and endured a grueling 21 hour bus ride . . . TWICE from Calgary to Seattle. Your dedication was appreciated and you made it a much more fun experience.

Some of you may know who she is, but those of you who donít recognize our peace sign wielding friend in the above picture, know that she is the BEST public relations person in the gaming industry hands down! She is Aubrey from SouthPeak and she is nothing short of astoundingly awesome! She does her job well, sheís very energetic, and you cannot top her in terms of her ability to connect with her intended audience, and how much time and effort she puts into her job! Thank you, get well soon, and most importantly . . . Congratulations! ^_^

Iíd also like to give a big shout out to the guys from TopWare for once again showing me a great time. Helping me out in terms of getting in early and just being all around awesome and coming to all the Destructoid events, these guys are some seriously cool cats. Shout outs go out to Jake, Jonathan, James, Joey, Devon, and the other few of you whose names I didnít catch. You guys rock and keep on doing your thing, and Iím looking forward to the very good looking Two Worlds II!

Here we have most of Dtoid Canada yo! You know, those of us who love hockey, drink Ďpop,í put gravy and cheese on fries and call it Ďpoutine,í and whatever various other stereotypes youíve heard about us. RobotBebop, youíre one balliní dude and we have to chat more often mate; Kraid mon franÁais ami, joo are da man and twas fantastique talkiní to joo aboot da hip-hop and other Frenchie stuff; Maya (bushofghosts), many thanks for the wonderful stickers and hockey talk . . . GO AVALANCHE!; Guncannon, my Ottawa homie, we gotta get that package thing sorted out and I still owe you some Mega Man Powered Up; Elsa and Mongoose, what can I possibly say here? We have whom Iíd like to deem the ĎMomí of the CBlogs, who writes quality material every blog post, and is one badass lady in terms of shooters, as well as didnít have the courage to ask if I was who I was outside the Red Lion when you initially saw me (Iíll hold that against you, hahaha!), along with her very chill and cool husband; ScottyG, not much I can say about you either homie . . . seen you at all 3 PAXes Iíve been to, had you visit my house/collection, keep it real holmes! ^_^

Time to give some thanks to the Destructoid staff! First and foremost, a giant shout out to the man behind the Robot, Niero! Without you, once again, none of us wouldíve experienced PAX together and youíre the inspiration to us all about following our dreams . . . thank you; Hamza, you crazy shark you! Thanks for not getting super drunk and getting random people to Ďsuck your dickí this year, hahaha! Thanks for the organizing of things and getting the community together and I hope you enjoy Chrono Trigger; Dale North, was a pleasure seeing you again and talking about all things Atlus; Jim Sterling, while I didnít get a chance to actually talk to you directly, I suppose I should at least give thanks that you sighed at my 3/6/9 review idea; Jonathan Holmes, it was awesome to see you again and your infectiously upbeat attitude is always a nice welcome sign; Hollie Bennett, continue doing a great job representing Dtoid UK and helping deliver babies into the world, you are a true champ; Samit, Iím glad you can understand my hatred of baseball but love of the Yankees, you should watch/play some more REAL football . . . =P; Sean Carey, you write stuff on the site, itís front paged, youíre part of the staff in my books, hahaha! Was awesome running into you again here, was also awesome to meet your wonderful wife, Mrs. Carey, although I have to say, Iím a bit disappointed in your Irish Coffee consumption compared to PAX East . . . hahaha!; to the rest of the staff, your writing and hard work is also a pleasure to read, keep it up, and thanks.

Letís get some foreign/Asian in the house! Professor Pew, was awesome talking to you this year, unlike last year, plus it was also nice to talk to you about some Dutch things and all. Do try to get the job up in Edmonton, then youíll be in my neck of the woods; Changston, I think Iíve finally met someone who can make as obnoxious Asian faces as I can and I thank you for that, hahaha; Stella (Aiya), mah aZn sista! Youíre awesome, youíre Asian, letís keep it real!; Hoygeit, many thanks for taking the awesome pictures this year and for keeping with your roots, hahaha!

Dtoid UK . . . you guys rock my socks off . . . in the most non-sexual possible . . . hahaha! I hope you enjoy your Death Star Mikey, my fellow Star Wars super fan, and keep up the incredible art!; Half left, you best enjoy your ĎLady Gag Gagí and yeah, North America is pretty backwards and anal about age regulations and all . . . you youngíun, hahaha; nōbrein, you German crazy man! I wish you the best for your magazine!; Ali D, youíre grouped in here mate, since youíre from Scotland! Rangers are lame and will NEVER reach the level of Manchester United! Hahaha! The football talks were grand!

Now on to the more ďlocalĒ people, hahaha! Scion of Mogo mate, twas a grand time with you, especially since you too also decided to look super baller as well; Kryptinite, Black Superman, you are the effiní man! Thanks for the phone once again and the talks about collecting and stuff. Congratulations once again on being a married man, and I look forward to many more stories about how you ďtalkĒ to your wife, hahaha!; power-glove . . . thank you! Youíre not as ďout thereĒ as a couple of the other mini-community group leaders, but your work is duly appreciate man. Thanks so much for organizing things and I guess I may have to head out to . . . ♪ New Yorkkkkkk; Tactix you pimp you! Always a pleasure hanging out with you and just talking about life and stuff;

Mr. Squid! Qalamari my man! You need to hang out more with the Dtoid crew . . . =P . . . hahaha! Was awesome seeing you again mate, talking some Pokťmon, and just chillaxiní dude; Cadtalfryn, was awesome meeting you mate and talking about your Los Angeles adventures; pendelton21, YOUíRE the one whoís racist! Hahaha! Youíre probably one of the dudes that I have the most fun at with PAX, in the least amount of time, hahaha!

Much love also goes out to the following, even though I donít have a picture with you or such: Toneman, was awesome seeing you again in your Fatal Fury hat, and Iím happy to hear you enjoyed and took advantage of my free game giveaway! =D; LostCrichton, you crazy bastard you! Hahaha! Fun times just doing crazy things and watching you eat the Sinnerís Sandwich, as well as helping you get an Okamiden t-shirt; Jack Shadow, you seemed to enjoy my face DJíing of a certain super drunk Asian more than anyone else, and well, that was just good times; Dyson, guess what? Iím still NOT WHITE! Hahaha! You are the man, youíre a very good person, and I hope you enjoyed that little ditty I sent you! Many thanks for introducing me to Chris Kohler even though he hasnít responded to trading yet; Zen Albatross, you keep rockiní the beats man and Iíll keep you supplied with GameBoys; Solgrim, youíre pretty much one of the coolest dudes around, with your trench coat and super happy drunkenness; BulletTrain, was glad to know who you were this year and if you still have it, hook me up with one of your extra Bayonettaís mate; GrumpyTurtle, you are an artistic legend, you have a great lady in your life, and DOMO and I are extremely happy with the DOMO Mario you drew and gave me, many thanks yo!

Now to list the people Iíve met or still want to meet that didnít make it to PAX: NikMonroe, you non-football loving Brit! Burn in hell! =P Hahaha! Youíre the man and get your ass back over to North America mate; Xzyliac, CANADA CANADA CANADA! Yeah thatís right, Canada beat the USA to GOLD in Hockey at the Olympics; Wry Guy, you know whatís up, not much left to say here Mr. Faceless; Magnalon, get your ass to PAX mate! So many things to talk about like Lunars and all that good stuff; Sentry, you deserve a break, youíre a good man, youíre dedicated, and you need to come to the next one dude; Y0j1mb0, where the hell is my SAMURAI DOMO you bearded jerk, hahaha; Tony Ponce, weíve gone over this, the memories man, the memories . . . WELCOME TO DIE!; GamesAreArt, fellow Recapper and cute dog avatar . . . get out here mate; SilverDragon1979, dude, you got to E3 to fulfill a dream, youíve got to get to PAX, and Iím pretty sure a lot of other people want you to come out; Andrew Kauz, hope the new job is going well and I hope you can make it out next time; Necros, way to leave your collector all sad, hahaha; Cataract, you are the man for organizing the Dtoid Secret Santa, you beat Justin Wong, youíre from New York, you are awesome dude; Senisan82, you are my homie and you are super kind and good at showing people around your town and just all around awesome, which also applies to your partner in crime, rawnewdlz, you guys rock; CWal37, so how about Liverpool eh? Hahaha! Now Iím just being mean . . . although you got to go to the World Cup, so Iím not that sorry, hahaha, get out here next time; garison, was the iPad really worth it in lieu of PAX? Hahaha! Get out of your middle-of-nowhere town and visit mate; GuitarAtomik, your music rocks, you rock, keep up the sharks; The GHost, continue your quest on becoming a doctor in Australia mate; Ben PerLee, way to not bum off the other Dtoid staff and make the trip yo . . . your lack of presence made me a sad panda; ChillyBilly, my fellow super collector . . . youíve got to make it out dude, that way you can get some balliní stuff too; JoeCamNet, glad to hear things are better now dude and Iíll go to MAGFest if you make it to PAX; BulletMagnet, you crazy shmup import guy! I patiently await to meet you and for the return of the Tribune; CelicaCrazed, so . . . how about them Toronto (sorry, Taiwonto) sports teams eh? Hahaha!; SteezyXL, you seem to be working a ton, save up for PAX and then I can teach you some more techniques for collecting yo; Ghost Maker, my homie g from Onterrible, youíre coming this year; sylphx, many thanks for the help with the videos and follow through on PAX for a change =P; Grimstar, forgot Sakuracon and come to PAX; Zoel, youíre my import homie and youíre coming next year.

Now for a few special shout outs that totally made my PAX! SeŮor Servbot, Kobun, TheCleaningGuy, was an absolute pleasure finally meeting you. Twas lots of fun making fun of how you canít beat Carl in BlazBlue and just talking about Capcom, your contacts, Sega, and Servbot in general. We both look pretty retarded in the above picture, but I guess that best represents us, hahaha! Also, stop being really tall and white, it makes me sad when Iím already considered ďtallĒ for an Asian, plus youíre younger than me . . . -_-Ď Keep trying to be Japanese so that I can bug you about that you weeaboo . . . =P

Seto (Anus Mcphanus), I consider you my Asian and British equivalent from overseas! Crazy Asian times are always on deck whenever it seems like we come together. I mean how do you top that picture of me in your fedora and you with your fake Fu Manchu, with a certain redhead doing an epic photobomb? I also thank you for not murdering me, after ďDJíingĒ on your face for like an hour. Many thanks for also helping a brother out with some luggage and waiting for my train back to the airport. Everyone should know that a good time will occur if youíre around and for that, I thank you.

How could I possibly leave out Justice? First and foremost, I donít think we can take a picture together where we donít like incredible idiots, hahaha! First time I met you mate and I can say that I am so happy and glad to have talked to you so much during the convention, and that you are one of the most genuinely nice and awesome guys around. I apologize for my terrible ďEnglishĒ accent, but you know . . . I be British! ^_^ Hahaha! Your chill factor is unsurpassable and your all around general kindness and helpfulness is hard to find nowadays, keep it real homie.

Well, thatís it. That was PAX 2010 in a nutshell I guess. I almost certainly left out some people I shouldíve given shout outs too, or details about games people wanted to read about, and probably some pictures people really wanted to and for that, I apologize. But hopefully this 15 page block of text gave you something to read on the weekend, and hopefully all of you can make it out to PAX again next year.

I just want to leave you guys with some final thoughts. While not everyone may know everyone, or even like everyone for that matter, Destructoid is a community that pretty much is a family. We all share a common interest and Iíd like to see any other video game site bring people from around the world together like this one does. I find that a lot of us donít realize that this truly was all possible due to Niero following through on his dream, and while not all of us may realize that and thank him for that, I think he wouldnít have it any other way . . . so long as all of us are having a good time. Some of you newer folk donít know this, but the man sold his house so he could keep Destructoid alive and independent, prior to having Dtoid HQ, can any of you really say youíd do the same? He also bought drinks for everyone on Suiterday like it was nothing . . . Niero, for all your dedication, hard work, and generosity, I thank you on behalf of every single community member, and all of you best be saving up now, so you can have a grand old time next year! Until next time, latez mates!

P.S. Expect a plethora of ďA Compulsive Collectorís HaulĒ blogs in the next little while as Iím like backlogged 2 Ė 3 months! >_<
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