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C-Blog Interviews: Byronic Man

Wow, busy day for me. Incidentally, I interviewed not one but two Irishmen this week and in my limited amount of time I had to choose one. So I chose the one that was sent first. So, here is Byronic Man who has a real talent for naming things. (Seriously, there is a name of a dish that blew me away when I read it.)

How did you get into the forums, and why here?

Wow never really thought of myself as of the forums - I'm not 'in' with the hip crowd and all that. I initially ventured onto Destructoid a while after my brother showed me some HAWP videos, ended up hanging around the front page and eventually dipping my feet into the forums around about when MAG was released. It can be pretty daunting at first but so long as you pass the don't-be-stupid test you're grand.

How did you get your name and avatar?

Byronic Man is from Lord Byron's character template; when I first came across it I thought to myself, "What an asshole. Hey that's me." The pun bowled me over, sealing the deal. The avatar is The Question, my all-time favourite comic book character, probably due to his predisposition towards philosophizing :D

If you could call a country your home, what country would it be?

Ah it would have to be Ireland. Sure it may be hundreds of different miserables but... fuck it.

Favorite game? I know you have one.

Zone of the Enders 2. Or Vagrant Story. I know you said one but I can't really choose. Everyone should play these games!

Favorite Movie Line

I've just watched The italian Job so "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off" is a contender. This is hilarious, Yellow Submarine is full of them, but the winner is "Still, could be worse... my nose could be gushing blood!" from Batman Returns.

Ireland eh? Korea has been called the Ireland of Asia. We're like bros.

That's just the beer talking.

I found you on the forums, tell me, do you partake in unicorns and swings?

All the time. Just this morning in fact. I have no idea what this question means.

You should blog, you seem interesting.

Thanks but I don't really know how to blog. Tried it a few years ago and I just felt very self-conscious. Besides, I doubt there would be much interest in the shit I'd have to say.

You came up with the title for my interview series. What else have you named that turned out awesome?

We made a big fat snowman last winter that I named Chubarino. There's a photo of him hidden on the forums. And for a pirate-themed murder mystery Halloween party, there were these bisected baked potatoes with mini pirate flags stuck on top: "boatatoes." They were delicious! (PS. I did it.)

If you could punch anyone here on dtoid who would it be and why?

The next person to say that opinions can't be wrong. Really?

If you could hug anyone on dtoid who would it be and why?

Elsa, Monngoose, Clockwork, Red, everyone I've played MAG with really. They make a fella proud to be a soldier.

Occams and Stevil totally have a "thing", who else on dtoid do you suspect have "things".

It's well known on the forums that Usetabe has a thing. He's even gotten in trouble over it.

When I grow up, I want to be....

A pilot of zeppelins and other lighter-than-air or hybrid airships. I'm adamant to have my head in the clouds!

Now that I'm old I can finally...

Wake up at whatever damn time I like.

AWWW YEAAAH, Never too early to start thinking about Christmas, want anything?

Well... I'm fairly content with my lot as it is. I'll be happy just to spend Christmas with the family, and to go down to George's Quay in Dublin for beer and sausages in the cold!

If maybe I told you that you might just have one day left to live what would you do?

After blubbering my bowels out, I'd devise a convoluted mess of riddles and clues leading to my alleged inheritance, concluding with the realization that my legacy is not a pile of gold but instead the experience of putting up with a convoluted mess of riddles and clues.

Do you have a Prized Possession? (Note: Family and Loved Ones Do Not Count)

I do indeed but it's quite personal so I'd rather not say. Sorry!

So, you're on a sinking boat and there is one life boat left. There is a young woman, a child (gender neutral), and an Old Man...What do you do? (Note: Not who do you save...you could, just you know....what do you do?)

Get everyone into the lifeboat. I'm a sucker for pragmatism.

I don't want to ask another question, you ask one...also answer it.

Favourite party game

The last time I played I Never, I got a standing ovation and a round of handshakes from every guy in the room. Boom.

P.S. Thank you Byronic Man for adding in the bolds and intalics. GREATLY APPRECIATED!
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