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Comments of the week: CaptainBus is MajorLate edition!


Guys I am so fugging late it's unbelievable! I'm later than David Letterman after his alarm breaks and there's only warm milk in the kitchen and he can't find his shoes or keys and the traffic is bad and the dog ate his homework!

On with the comments! Damn I'm so LAAAAAATE!

DToid (the show) Fallout Mega Man Bioshock Cramer Edition

Max is good people. Max is a good man. A man of honour and triumph, riding majestic crimson steeds of sinew and gallantry on the shores of Kol'Amburr. He will lead you into battle. Take his hand and let him show you the way. See how he winks at you. Start to feel uneasy. That is the Scoville way.

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