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Shoryuken: It feels so good


Have you ever played Street Fighter? If you were born prior 1995, then you've probably had the experience of playing Street Fighter 2 over at your older friend's place. And getting horribly decimated and crying about it (at least on the inside). Perhaps you have experienced the boiling rage and despair that comes with trying to throw hadoukens back at your older nemesis. You try and try and try again. Down, down forward, forward, punch. It's so simple but so hard. Again and again, your Ryu punchs the air, as if he is futiley trying to swat down the fireballs that are coming across the screen from your older friend's Ryu. And that older friend laughs and laughs and laughs and jibes you and you can do nothing because you cannot throw a fireball. Your friend gets cocky and jumps in on you, laying out a flurry of attacks from the air and all you can do is block the onsalught because anything else would just be too hard. On one of his jump ins you decide that you've had enough. You WILL throw that god damn fireball, even if it does nothing against a jumping opponent, just to do something before you're KO'd, like the last soldier of an army may decide to
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