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360 FNF: L4D2 'Blasto' Scrimage/Gears 2 '31x' XP Weekend


Hey gang, another Friday is upon is and you know what that means. Time to quit sticking that fork into the electrical socket and plug in yo Ecksbawks Tree City, for some epic Friday Night Fightin'.

Last week, was kinda disappointing. I won't lie it was kinda lame. Sure it's always a pleasure to talk to my regular stream of Xbros, but talking about Super Meat Boy? Playing a 4 player only Legendary Campaign? Come on guys, this shit's about playing together! Of course I didn't help the situation as I kinda did my own thing so I'll take the blame as well but let's bring it back to it's ROOTS people!

Speaking of being lame, last week I was asked to play some L4D2 by Blasto & Crew and I kinda ignored that request. At the time I was helping my friend get the Achievement for the Swamp Fever campaign and admittedly I was done with the game. As the evening rolled on and nothing much happened I kinda regretted that decision and tried to rejoin them but the game was full and I guess I was too lazy/chickenshit to tell them to just boot someone. Tonight I try and make amends! Tonight I ask for 3 of my fello
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