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Oh yeah... it's NARP time!


Alright all you Marylanders, Virginians, D.C.-ers, Pennsylvanians, the odd Ohian and those who live close to the Shore known as Jersey... <update>and Delawhiners</update>


Because it's on!  November 19th, 20th, and 21st at Procyon's place in the middle of nowhere.  But fear not, because he DOES have internet access, and he even has electricity.  The marvels of the modern era abound.  In this age of NARP-mindedness, we will dispense with the newb NARP-FAQ and go straight to the 8 game stations will be up and running, 1up from last year.

Xbox 360/PS3 running on the big screen on the main level (bring games)

Wii connected downstairs (don't bring games)

Gamecube set up right next to it (bring your GBAs for a reprisal of Zelda Four Sword and Pac-Man Vs.)

PS2 connected in the kitchen.

Dreamcast now upgraded to a 32" TV over the 19" monitor.  Saturn now sharing the room with the Dreamcast.

19" monitor for... something?

Complete MAME 0.140
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