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Trying New Things: Being a PS3 Owner: Part 1


I have never owned a PlayStation Console before in my life.  I've played with them a bit at my brother's place and at friend's places, but I've never owned one or really played it too much aside from a few games every now and then, but I've always been too big of a Sega fan boy to grab one even after Sega left the console market.  Well, a friend badgered me into buying a backwards compatible PS3 and I figured I'll share my thoughts on it and the games I play.

The Set

First off, the fucker is fucking huge. I mean liek XBOX HUGE.  I'd never really seen one up close or at least tried to find shelf space for it and DAMN. I had it all planned out with my  Wii and Dreamcast, the two systems I still play the most, on the top of my shelf with the rest of them arranged in order of personal preference.  Unfortunately that didn't work out without the whole thing turning into an even bigger cluster fuck so my Sega Saturn got the boot and now they're arranged roughly in order of their release date.

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