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360 FNF: Super Meat Boy Edition


As I struggle to understand a world so cold, I try desperately to reach out to "New Destructoid" to find that I think some of my browser settings are screwing with me in that respect. So fuck it. Let's do this.

Super Meat Boy. He's here. Game is tough, but hell of a lot of fun. It's become a sort of thing between alot of us to play "Beat The Clock" with our friend's times and then go brag about it on Twitter. It's a competition that I'm sure given free reign would be the only activity being played this Friday but we'll try and keep things balanced. Some of our more regular game types will be represented. Left 4 Dead? YEAH IT'S HERE. Da Haloez Reeeeech? Definitely I'm sure. Let's see what's on tap for This FNF. Be sure to also let me know if you want hosting duties in the comments. If I can figure out #NewDestructoid I'll do my best to update this.

Here's what's on tap

Xbox 360 F
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