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Destructoid Communicast 10: Stella, Jesse, Kraid, and Law


So I like #NewDestructoid, but I'm a little confused on how this works. In fact, I have no clue where this post will go. My blog? The Communicast group? The Furry Naruto Fanfiction Lovers Club (Oh Sasuke-kun, let me show you the jutsu to make your tail hard enough to put inside me)? Who knows? It's an adventure!

So this is the tenth episode so it's kind of special. Well, special to me anyway. 

We had a few guests this week. You may know them as they are good friends of the show. Jesse Cortez, Kraid, and LawofThermalDynamics were on it, but this girl found her way in somehow or another. I think she just wandered in from another podcast, but you may have heard of her. Her name is Stella Wong. 

So here you go lovers of fine podcasts, this is our weekly gift to you. 


There is a group for this podcast that you should join. I'm not sure how you can find it, but it's called The Destructoid Communicast. That is likely to be where we do most of our coordination for future episodes and talk about past episodes. Hell, we may even give out prizes at some point. 

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