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A Game Obscured: Atelier Rorona


The Atlelier series is a mostly unknown, but enjoyable series. The newest game in the series came out recently, and I decided to pick it up to see how it turned out.

Game Atelier Alchemists of Arland




Atelier Rorona, unlike most RPGs released of late, features a very laid back story. Your protagonist, Rorona Fryxell, is tasked with fulfilling jobs to save her workshop (which was forced onto her by her master, Astrid). She will need to complete a total of twelve tasks over a 3 year period. The story is very light hearted, and is a refreshing change of pace from the typical "save the world" fair. The characters, while not particularly original (what characters are original, nowadays?), are amusing. Each provide good dialogue, and some amusing conversations (some of the random skits are especially amusing).

The gameplay of Rorona is
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