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Top 10 most influential games of this generation. (#5)

[NOTE] Finally another entry into this series. I made a #6 entry a few weeks ago but was lost when Dtoid went back to the old motif. I'd like to get that back please kthnxbai. BTW #6 was The Orange Box.

There is an "indie" scene in every form of media. Indie music, indie movies and indie video games. Prior to 2008, indie games were hidden among the annals of cyberspace. Indie developers had to distribute their games directly from their website for no money, or make conversion mods for popular PC games like Half-Life or Unreal Tournament. And if they were lucky, their mods would be bought by a publisher and made into a full retail game, again, if they were lucky.

With the advent of digital distribution platforms like Steam, Wiiware and Xbox LIVE Arcade, smaller independent developers would be able to get their game out for far less money. However at the time indie games were still seen as stopgap diversion in between the release of "real" games. Braid was the game that changed everything by not only putting the spotlight on the little guy, but making him a game-of-the-year candidate.

notable games influenced by Braid

Every indie game to come out since AUG 2008.

Braid tells the story of Tim, a young man out the save a princess. That is the superficial story, but Braid asked questions about Tim and the Princess that no other game had asked before. What was Tim motivation for saving the Princess? What was Tim saving the Princess from? Does the princess even WANT to be saved? The princess isn't even a real princess but rather it's a metaphor for an ultimate goal used within the context of a video game.

For all the cryptic story element there are, Braid also has some compelling gameplay mechanics that revolve around time manipulation. Each world had a unique theme in relation to the story from introspection, to progress. From the context of the game these various themes are used to solve puzzles in a 2D platformer environment.

When you think "indie", you think low-budget and pretentious. Braid is the definitive indie game. Perfectly weaving story and gameplay, and showing indie developers that you can succeed with a modest design and that is why I've placed this as #5 on mt Top 10 most influential game of this generation.
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