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10 Biggest “Holy $#!^” Moments in Video Games (part 2)


#1- Whoa…Ho. Ly. $#!^. (Shadow of the Colossus)

Okay, so I just have to climb this tower and…Oh. Ho-ly $#!^. Definitely awe-inspired, and definitely deserved, Malus left me speechless, save for two words. Getting over for a second that he’s the final and most powerful of the colossi, just the absolute size, man, the sheer monolithic appearance is enough to cause a slight panic. Okay, these things can’t get any bigger than Phalanx, right?? Technically true, but that was a flying sky serpent, you expect them to be huge. Malus was a mountain. A literal, honest-to-God mountain that you had to bring down. When you stood next to this thing you felt like you were looking up at the top of the world, and you, with nothing but a sword and a strong grip, had to bring it crashing to the ground. Unbelievable, unreal, but beautifully executed and just sheer perfection. But still to this day, every time I think about that last Colossus, all that I can think is holy $#!^.

Question of the day: An obvious one, what’s your biggest holy $#!^ moment?
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