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New documentary looks to capture the Japanese arcade experience


100 YEN: The Japanese Arcade Experience from Brad Crawford on Vimeo.

During the summer, many people spent their time going to the beach or riding rollercoasters or any number of other fun activities. Brad Crawford, though, went to Japan on a mission: to film a documentary on the Japanese arcade experience.

The end result? A documentary-in-progress called 100 Yen. The documentary hopes to cover the history of Japanese arcades, the stories of those who game there, and how the world of arcade gaming is competing with console and portable gaming. In his travels to Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka to check out Japan's major gaming centers, he also talked to the likes of Q-Games designer Bear Trickey, professional gamer Ryan "Gootecks" Guitierrez and Kotaku editor Brian Ashcraft.

Check out the trailer above for a taste of what might come. Brad wants to go back to Japan to interview additional people, including Daigo Umehara, Osaka Electronic University professor of video games Satoshi Numata, spokespeople from Japan's arcade titans (Capcom, Konami, Taito, etc.) and more. But to do so, he needs to raise some funding. Brad's hoping to raise $9,000 in the next three months through a website called IndieGoGo that helps fund collaborative ideas. He's so far raised more than $5,600, and if you're interested in chipping in, Brad's offering a tonof incentives to do so: film credits, copies of the future "100 Yen" DVD, Street Fighter IV tourney sticks signed by a famous but unnamed figure (maybe Daigo?) and a lot more.

So what say you guys? Sound interesting? Thinking of contributing?

[via GameSetWatch]
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