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10 Biggest “Holy $#!^” Moments in Video Games (part 1)


- by Logan Witt (just start calling me “Mr. List”, seriously folks)

First off, these are in sort of a bottom 5 group and top 5 group, not a definitive order, except for #1, so feel free to rank them amongst yourselves. This is also a purely subjective list, so bite me. There will also be talk, I’m sure, about ones that I’ve left out- that would be because it’s from a game I’ve never played. These may be plot twists, reveals of some kind, cinematic moments, or gameplay moments that caused me to, in way way or another, shout the titular quote at the top of my lungs.

#10- Wolf Sigma (Mega Man X)

I was five years old. I was packing up boxes to get ready to move in an hour or so. My SNES was going to be the last thing packed as long as I held a controller. I had just beat Sigma’s simple pet robot pooch, and then him with his annoying Z-Saber blocking everything. The head floated up, the background came into focus, and ho-ly $#!^!! That thing was massive! And it breathed fire! It was a mostly full-screen carrier armor studded with spikes that shot electricity, brought lightning form who knows where, smacked you down with its platform hands, and freakin’ breathed fire! That may not have been the biggest holy $#!^ moment in my gaming lifetime, but it was the first. And you always remember your first.

#9- Diamond Weapon (Final Fantasy VII)

I’ve got to fight what!? Again with the size, but there was also the lore behind it. The different Weapons were supposed to be the planet’s last line of defense, and I could see why. This thing was massive, even in the sort of squared-off and not-to-scale graphic setup in FF VII. But this fight was right after the cutscene showing just how genuinely massive this thing really was. And then you find out that it actually takes that enormous mako-charged cannon to finally put it down. Yeah, definitely, to me, holy $#!^.

#8- Hold on, that’s a girl! (Metroid)

This is an honorary position, and let me tell you why. I was coming off of Mario All-Stars before I first went back to really play Metroid, and as we all know, Super Marios Bros. 2 let you play as Princess Peach, so I had already been used to a playable female character. But in fairness, Samus was much more bad-ass. Samus had a genuinely foundation-shaking impact on the video game world, paving the way for other strong female leads like Lara Croft. So as a salute of recognition, I say, holy $#!^.

#7- Welcome to Rapture (Bioshock)

That bathysphere was creepy before the splicer tried to slice it open. But the first time I got to see Rapture, and the giant squid that rushes by, I was blown away. Not just because it looked so really cool, but also because of the size of it and the fact that it was, after all, at the bottom of the ocean. It really was a marvel of human imagination to think that a completely autonomous community could exist and thrive (even for a short time) at the bottom of the damn sea, just, whoa man. Of course it fell apart and all of that, but the original marvel of it was a real breathtaking moment for me. Ho-ly $#!^.

#6- You mean you can do that!? (Need for Speed II)

Hauling ass in a smokin’ silver McLaren F1, across cobblestones, through caves, all the way up to a narrow rope bridge on the Mystic Peaks track. Well the first time it happened, I hit it on a corner trying to make a pass, and went sailing over the side! Up until then there was always the invisible barrier keeping you in play, and my friend and I had tried in the previous Need for Speed to find a hole in the wall with no success, but now we had found the sweet spot. Reverse the track and you get an equally good ramp from the other side. Hours of fun just going over the edge forward, backward, and powersliding. But that first time was just such a rush. I mean, holy $#!^ man.

#5- Turn off the lights (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

Yeah, sure, maybe some of the story was over the top. Yeah, sure, maybe the “No Russian” level was more controversial. But not only does a nuclear detonation knock out all the power in DC (and who knows where else), but you get to see it happen from the space station! Visually it was presented fabulously and flawlessly, but it was something that’s often been something seen as a very possible and imminent threat, the consequences of which were usually presented in the abstract. In the middle of a last stand gunfight that’s sure to find you overrun, the saving grace is that the world goes completely dark. Holy $#!^.
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