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Halo: What's all the fuss about? (QuickBlog)


I have been a fan of FPS games ever since I played Goldeneye for the N64 with my friends, and to this day I still think it's the best multiplayer FPS to date.

A lot of people go on about the Halo series like it's some sort of gaming crack, that just by playing it one can attain a high akin to doing a whole fat sack of crack.

I just don't see what all the fuss is about (see post title).

I mean yeah, at it's core, it's a solid FPS, but I think people give it too much credit for what it is. I'll admit that the original Halo was great fun on my friends Xbox, but when Halo 2 and 3 rolled around I just couldn't get in to them, no matter how hard I tried. I'm not going to list the reasons as to why I couldn't, because I don't think the Halo series are bad games, I just can't get in to them. I have a feeling it's the lack of iron sights (however shallow that sounds).

Does anyone else feel the same way? Again, It's not that there bad games by any stretch, just something about them puts me off.


I nearly cried with laughter.
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