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Comments of the Week: Why Do We Need An Edition? Edition

Two weeks ago I bailed out of Comments of the Week, because my dad was in town visiting. Last week I shirked my duties because, well, Halo: Reach happened. There is some portion of the readers I know will forgive me this laxity.

So what's with editions anyway? Every single thing people do here seems to have an edition attached to it. Surely we can find some new, better way to label our creations? Maybe with model numbers, or version numbers, or the Dewey Decimal system, or GUIDs.

Sorry, Xero, for slacking. You can fire me if you'd like; comments of the week is super time consuming when you stress out about doing a good job. Thanks, VGFreak, for covering for me last week on short notice. Someday maybe we will gain the same legitimacy as the cappers, but for the meantime we must remain cowed.

Finally, in the spirit of evolving the column (is this a column now? seems like it would be cool to write for a column, yanno?), I'm going to add a little help for next week's officiator/columnist:

Range of posts analyzed!
Cblogs: start to finish!
Front page: start to finish!

Onwards to the hot scoops!

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