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Thank You, Corduroy Turtle! (Picture Heavy)

Warning: This blog features pictures of a very homely person. I apologize, avert your eyes and there may still be a place for you in Heaven. In Heaven, everything's fine. You've got your good things and I've got mine.

To really appreciate the good that Corduroy Turtle has done, certain things have been re-inacted for your benefit. Our story begins on a night like any other night our fellow group of people who play together somewhat regularly were talking. I believe it was quite a while ago since I think we were doing one of those nifty "get to wave 50 on Horde mode" dealies on Gears Of War 2 when a conversation was struck up by Corduroy Turtle and myself.

"You know, I really would like to play the first Gears Of War. I just wish it wasn't 20 whole dollars"

"Silly Chap, here in America, we are having a sale. Right now the first Gears Of War is only 5 dollars"

" I certainly wish such a sale was happening in Canada. If only there were a way"

"Poppycock, I shall send you a copy of the first Gears free of charge. It is a game all Xbox owners should have in their gaming library. It is one of the greatest games in existence, and those whosewhutsis' on that other gamebox thingy are missing out painfully. I have after all been a fan of CliffordB since I was a child"

"That would be great, then I could finally pay off those lawyers fees after my arrest in that drug smuggling ring that totally only saw me go to court but not jail and afforded me a reason to play games occasionally. Luckily thanks to you I have exactly the right amount now to pay off my debt"


So it was many days later that something or other popped up at my doorstep. Being that I'm a former cocaine dealer I could tell instantly it wasn't packed with anything harmful.

And with that in all seriousness, I'd like to thank Eric for sending these out to me. This was something he didn't have to do but did out of the kindness of his heart. What a friend! I thank you good sir for these things and shall repay you in kind soon.

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