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In a Viral Minute #6


And just as 321GoCast has returned so has In a Viral Minute. Arenít you excited?

This time on IaVM I will be discussing a whole bunch of things, a monthís worth of things actually since I have been away from IaVM for such a long time. So letís jump right back into this bitch. Iíll be talking about PAX in another blog that should be coming up in the new few days or so. This IaVM also contains a poll kind of deal concerning a 321GoCast Extra Life event.

I played Dead Rising Case 0 a while back and I got to say that I love this game. Chuck Greene is awesome, in my opinion he has even surpassed Frank West as the most amazing person to have around during the zombie apocalypse. Duct taping the shit out of everything he can find, doesnít afraid of anything, heís a pretty cool guy. Trying to save his daughter, keep her away from the military, saving as many as he can. The controls are smoother from the original, weapons last longer I think, and they are easier to use. Speaking of weapons, the combo weapons are god damn amazing and hilarious at the same time, some of them are pretty self explanatory like the nail bat, but others like the drill bucket, or the IED took a while to figure out. It was a fun experience and I canít wait to get my hands on the real thing.

REACH, its out, fun, DAMN YOU HAMZA! I honestly hadnít really been too hyped about it, I wasnít even going to buy it until I watched the commercials and read Hamzaís review. When the multiplayer beta was active I did play a little and was impressed, I liked some of the modes and had a ton of fun during some games. I had some gripes with it and some of its maps, but all in all I had fun with it. Even so I was not planning on buying it anytime near launch; at most I was going to purchase it later in the year. Then I read Hamzaís review (and yes I know that Hamza loves Halo sexually), and the way he described it and his outright recommendation for it, that I had no choice but to get it. And Iím happy to say that I do not regret it, I love the story, love the armor customization, this is also the very first time in a Halo game that I prefer to use the single shot weapons (such as the DMR and Needle Rifle) rather than using the automatic weapons. Multiplayer is fun and not completely ridiculous, though a few maps (Like sword base) give way to a metric ton of camping, which in turns just makes the game go slow and get really annoying. A mode I have been having tons of fun with is the online version of Firefight, the modes re really fun and Iíve been playing it almost non-stop. All in all I have enjoyed my experience with Halo: REACH and will be playing it for a while.

3DS. Jesus Christ all that news, all those games, I am so excited for so many of those games, I was sold during the E3 press conference, but now, dear lord do I REALLY RELLAY want one. It has so many good titles coming out for it, but one in particular caught my attention and has me completely sold on the system. And if you know anything about me at all you should have already guessed what game Iím talking about. MegaMan Legends 3, let me repeat that MEGA MAN LEGENDS 3! Oh my god, I have been waiting for this game since the last time I replayed MegaMan Legends 2, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Legends series and have wanted a new Legends for so long that I had almost given up on Capcom ever making it. When Ryu gave me the link the other day I literally died of happiness. I havenít been that happy in a while (PAX doesnít count) and just the mention of Capcom working on Legends 3 was enough to cause my day to become even better. I honestly donít care how long it takes to come out, just as long as I have that game in my hands and in my 3DS. I seriously canít fucking wait.

Finally if you follow the 321Gocast Twitter feed, you may have seen this tweet a few days ago.

Would you donate to Extra Life in exchange for Johnny having to watch K-On?

So would you? As most of you know I hate K-On, HATE it with the burning passion of a thousand suns. But I have come up with a fun way for everyone, but me of course, to support Extra Life. Im not sure about the details yet, but if enough people want me to do it I will. So thatís where you come in community. Should I do it? How much would you think per episode watched would you donate? And would you watch a stream of me raging at K-On?

Like I said Iíll be posting up something about PAX later, but if you want a more in depth retelling of my PAX experience then you should go listen to episode 25 of 321GoCast. Well I think thatís all for this newest IaVM. Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting me and my endeavors. If you ever want to help with IaVM in any way please feel free to contact me. And so this has been In a Viral Minute, Iím JohnnyViral and Zodiac Eclipse wants me to tell you to go visit the forums, we has them.

P.S. Here a picture of what the 321GoCast PAX Mystery Swag was.

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