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The Return of the New Gamer Dictionary!!!


Yes, that's right, the New Gamer Dictionary returns! For those of you who don't remember, NGD was a feature, hosted by Anthony Burch, that was presented in between segments of RetroforceGO!. In it, he would ask the listeners for a word or phrase that could go with a definition of a trope in gaming (yes, it's pretty much like TV Tropes, but before the site was popular). At PAX, I asked for Anthony's informal permission to bring the feature back, which he gave. So, I now present the "New" New Gamer Dictionary!

How will this feature work?

To keep the community-driven tradition of NGD, selecting an entry will be a two-part process. First, people will post their entries for the week's definition in the comments. In the following week's post, I'll select some of the best entries (3-5, depending on the amount of submissions), and people will be able to vote for their favorites. The week after, I'll post the results, and the winning entry will be "officially" entered into the NGD. Finally, at any time, community members can submit their definitions that might be used for the next (or future) weeks' entries. There's no limit on the amount of entries or definitions, so get creative and have fun!

This week's definition:

What do you call it when...

...due to forgetting to save before quitting or dying, you find that the last few hours of gaming were "wasted", so you quit playing the game for a few days/weeks/years to avoid having to repeat the same tedious/difficult tasks?

For example, you grind for a couple hours in a RPG, finding some rare items in the process, only to realize you you forgot to save before turning off the console for the night. You then switch to the newest FPS, get hooked into multiplayer, and pretty much forget about the other game.

For me, I'd call it "Dead Rising regret", since after having lost too many hours by not getting to a save point, I decided to put the game away and "come back to it later". It's been almost three years, and with all the games that have come out, I never found the motivation to actually play it some more. The same thing happened with GTA IV, Lost Odyssey, and a surprising amount of other games. Maybe the sheen of novelty wears out faster for me, or perhaps my attention span is simply too short.

How you can help.

If you happen to be listening to old episodes of RetroforceGO!, it would be great if you could jot down some of Anthony's NGD entries and send them to me. I'll add them to the NGD master list.

So, submit your entries for this week's definition, and any suggestions for future definitions, in the comments!
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