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Some games I have been playing.

Unreal Tournament 3

I am a console gamer primarily. I do not enjoy PC controls for first person shooters as they cramp up my boney long fingers. So no matter how superior PC mouse and keyboard controls may be for shooters, if they cramp my hands up I dont give a rat's possibly plague-ridden behind about them.

So as a consequence, I had never really played an unreal game. It is a series that is for PC gamers primarily and I had heard there were some decent console ports of some of the games in the series, but I never got around to trying them. My friend kept urging me to pick up this game and I finally did. I am quite happy I purchased it. The multiplayer in this game is so refreshing to me. Like the weapons are creative. There are so many nutty weapons that just make me happy when using them. It is nice to play with unrealistic weapons after playing so many realistic games with generic military guns. This game, on the other hand, has tons of awesome digital death hastening aids. There is a biorifle which shoots balls of toxic sludge. There is a rocket launcher that can shoot 3 rockets at once or shoot 3 grenades. There is a combo rocket launcher/shotgun gun. There is that cool gun that shoots a ball of energy and if you hit it with another shot it makes a huge explosion. Even the default pistol (enforcer) is freaking fun to use.

Also, this game actually has bots! The bots in the game's multiplayer arent actually brain damaged like in a lot of FPSes! I can play hours just fighting swarms of these surprisingly challenging bots! Also, the online mode of this game is just as fun. The one con for controller users like myself is that a lot of online players use keyboard and mouse setups and woop your ass because of it. You can try to find controller only matches, but there arent many. Oh well, the bot multiplayer alone in this game is worth the purchase price.

The single player is pretth meh. It is basically just a bunch of bot batches loosely strung together by some cheesy story.

This game's multiplayer just has a really fun addicting quality to it that I have not experienced in a shooter in a long time. Compared to all the realistic shooters that basically are centered around camping this game is just extremely refeshing.

There is one thing that drives me absolutely to the point of gaming nerd rage in the online mode though. You can have bots in the online mode of the game (a great feature), but the developers made no visual distinction between the names of bots and real players. So most times I have no idea if I am facing bots or real people. Like some of the bot names sound like typical psn usernames. This starts to get really annoying because if they had just put a little bot symbol or highlighted each bot name this annoyance could have been solved in like 5 minutes of development time probably.

Urban Chaos: Riot Response (PS2)

I used to play this a ton 2 or 3 years ago, but hadn't touched it since. Recently I started replaying it, and to my surprise this game still holds up and is very fun.

This was developed by Rocksteady. They developed that new batman game that everybody seems to be in love with, although I have not played it myself.

This game features a unique gameplay twist to the first person shooter genre. The game is based around your use of a riot shield. Basically, if you dont want to die very quickly, you need to hold up your shield. It can block bullets, knives, fire, etc. But you cannot shoot while you have it up and bullets knock you backwards when it hits your shield. Also, if you bash in peoples faces with it blood will get all over it and obstruct your view. The more it gets shot up too, the harder it is to see through it. You can toss some weapons over the shield like grenades and knives however.

This game is also a blast to play because its just so over the top. The enemy in the game is a bunch of crazed lunatic gang members who all wear hockey masks. They regularly shout hilarious insults and obscenities at you throughout the game. This game also has some cheesy real life newscast type of intros for the levels which is kind of cool.

One negative I must mention though, is that this game's frame rate is not the best. It is not an unplayable game because of its frame rate problems, but it is pretty noticeable that the frame rate is frequently not too smooth.

I uploaded some gameplay footage of this game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3gcWtq7hb4

Also I uploaded some footage of me just being a huge asshat towards the friendly A.I. characters in the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7Np-PL0RiU&feature=related

I shall end this blog in a disgraceful spammy nature

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Otherwise I am afraid to inform you that this cute little man eating freak of nature will have to take a bite out of your ass.

Damn you google image search. Why must you show me disturbing images every time I use you. I was just searching for an innocent picture of a kitten. Instead I get this thing. Well I was searching for that innocent kitten picture so that I could threaten to fart on it if you did not visit the above website, but still.
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