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We need Character Studies vids, and other stuff

* We're fresh out of videos for the Character Studies series, so if you were thinking about doing one, now's the time. I'm trying to stay on a weekly schedule, so it would be good to get one by Wednesday. I know Epic-Koryuken and UsedTable were working on one. Are you reading this guys? Get on that.

Worst case scenario, I may get someone here at Dtoid HQ to do something, but that probably wont be pretty.

* I keep trying to write a import preview of Pokemon White, but every time I start, Pokemon White sabotages the whole plan. I'll start writing, then boot up the game to refresh my memory on something. After that, I get inescapably sucked into the game until I'm forced to do something else (answer the phone, go to the bathroom, go to an industry event, write other stuff, sleep, etc).

No more excuses! As soon as I'm done with this From Dust write up, I'm tackling (ha, get it?) the Pokemon post. Watch for it.

* Bit.Trip BEAT came out on iPhone/iPad yesterday. It's extremely good.

*I bought tons of stuff in Japan. Do you want to see it? If so, I'll do a photo blog. Let me know.
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