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Review of StarCraft 2.

StarCraft 2 was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, and was released on 27th July 2010, for the PC. StarCraft is under the RTS (real-time strategy) genre. This is the first section of StarCraft 2 which will have three separate expansions that follow the three very distinct races in the game. This game is a direct sequel to the original StarCraft and the expansion Brood War.

StarCraft 2 has a hell of a lot to live up to. StarCraft was not just a game, it was a huge success for Blizzard, and possible a huge game in their development. It has sold over 10 million copies worldwide, and still holds as a gigantic game in Korea. Could StarCraft 2 be as strong as influential as its predecessor?

At its basics StarCraft 2 at an overview might not seem as much as an improvement to its original, and might not be as such a hit. This statement is very wrong. This game could be possibly as fantastic as it�s original and even better. At its core it is still StarCraft with a massively improved graphic system, but if you look further into the game, and the new changes it brings to the table, it becomes a vast new game, with solid game-play.

The campaign, or single player section in StarCraft 2 is where the most of the magic is at, it completely focuses on the �Terran� race from the original, and pushes the brilliant story telling that Blizzard has already established, to a much higher level. The whole of the story has a very distinct new feel to it, to which is far greater than its predecessors very simple, and slightly boring, manner of immersing the player into the depth of the game. This is achieved by offering a huge variety of options to the player with simple elements, such as having the chance to develop your units with a small, but rather lengthy manner to improve units with a lasting effect. Improving your units could happen in quite a few different manners; this could be by earning credits throughout each mission, to spend on buying upgrades for each unit. Another quite interesting manner was to purchase the units, as �mercenary units� which would give the player a stronger, more reliable unit, these units would come in greater need when having a very short amount of resources. The very last way to improve and create your units stronger outside of a mission, was the research tree, gave the player opportunities to progress in the game with units or add-ons, such as a bunker with a turret on the top, or �psi-emitters� that would slow down Zerg attackers. These types of upgrades would have quite a large impact on how the player would build their bases, and form how they would attack the enemies.

One of the best aspects of the main campaign is the detail and the vastness of outside mission activates. The majority of the outside mission time is spent aboard your ship �Hyperion�. Once aboard the ship, you can develop your units, talk to the cast of the game, to gain an insight into their views, and for new comers to the game, to possible gain a view at some of the back-story. Other possible activates to do is a small mini-game �Lost Viking� which is a very old fashioned �side-scrolling shooter�. One of the most interesting aspects of this, is exploring the ship, and looking at say your units in the Armoury, or watching the news broadcast which become very comical towards the end of the game.

Each mission feels very different compared to that last StarCraft; this always has a new way to make the player feel under pressure. Examples of this are found in every mission, with ideas such as constant wall of fire, moving from the left to the right of map, this has the player constantly looking for new areas to move there base to, and having to destroy each enemy base as they go along. Other examples can be found, where the player must gain a certain amount of minerals, but these are only found on lower terrain, but every five minutes the lower terrain will be covered in hot lave that will destroy units instantly. It small ideas like this that keep you driving to do that very next mission, to see what ideas Blizzard will have you conquer, with new strategies and constantly changing level design. Another great idea that Blizzard have implemented into the there game, is the layout of each mission, the payer is no longer forced to play in a non-linear manner. This gives the player a larger sense of freedom, which is deeply appreciated, due to the possible difficulty of levels, some player may feel that they might not have units that suit well for certain missions, and may want to continue until they find units that will help them succeed in different levels. This all so gives the player a feel that no two play through of the campaign might be the same, with siding with characters that change how a mission might be played.

Overall StarCraft 2 offers classic game-play with a small twist, from the range of units, to the possibility of being able to completely change your army with small upgrades, or the new strategies that players will learn from the variety of missions. This will keep players emerged in the game, and have continuous replay value, and I have even started to mention the vastness of the multiplayer or the huge range of in-game achievements. This game will be a great start for new comers to the RTS genre and loved by fan of the this genre and series, this game stands out right now to be one of the best RTS of the year.

This was one of my assigments for my uni course in games development. Would love some feedback ;D
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