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September 28. Daylight. NEVAR FORGET


So yeah, today's September 28. Anybody still remember that date? It was from a time when Japanese game development reigned king over all. So that day when everything turned to shit in Raccoon city is exactly 12 years ago.

I'm trying to get over some food poisoning so I apologize for the quality of this post. So let us celebrate in the laziest way I can: By throwing together some terrible videos from the internet that are related to that date. Enjoy.

Seriously, who didn't fap to this back in the day?

Some random video with Resident Evil 3 opening with some german song edited on top of it.

Resident Evil 2 with Linkin Park's song "In The End".

Even though Albert Wesker wasn't in those games HE MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN SINCE HE IS THE BEST CHARACTER IN THE GAME. So here's a tribute video of Wesker with some Wesker insanity.
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