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I forgot to do an damn intro post!

So this is me;

I was tired and drunk

My name is Ben (or Mellor as my last name, and blogging name goes) I'm 18 and live in Britain (currently the greatest country on earth as the drinking age is 18). I love writing articles and reviews, and hope to write many, many more in the future.

I enjoy video games above most else. My favourite game of all time has to be A Link to the Past. Sonic 1 is close behind. The greatest MMO ever is Phantasy Star Online. I was addicted at 10. Lately been playing Minecrack (craft) and I can't pull myself away. Its just too good.

Personally I play a lot of guitar and listen to a huge variety of music. So I'm always up for a good music chat if any of you are burnt out on talking about games.

So that's me. I'm friendly and always up for a chat on just about anything :)
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About Mellorone of us since 7:49 PM on 08.09.2010

I'm Ben (or Benjamin, take your pick) 18 and from the good ol' UK. I've been playing games pretty much since I can remember. Started off with a Mega Drive (Genesis) and Sonic 1, 2, 3. Then got a SNES somehow, and a load of free games for it (I really can't remember how I got it). Then the Dreamcast which is still (in my opinion) amazing, and finally the 360.

I'm in to most games, but my favourite game of all time has to be A Link to the Past. Recently replaying the Monkey Island games and just got Grim Fandango so gonna give that a go at some point. Hobby wise I enjoy playing guitar, and pretty much every type of music there is. I'm stupidly laid back, and really the only thing I excel at it is big words and video games.

So that's me, An English gamer who spends most of his days lurking Destructoid and playing guitar.