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A Repost: The games industry is great!

I am reposting this here, from a thread on facepunch replying to the following orignal post.

What the fuck is happening? Remember back when consoles got along? People weren't screaming f*g** for using the scope on your rifle? Activision just released Tony Hawk's ProSkater 4? EA Just released Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2? There wasn't a whole process of typing in 10 codes just to verify you bought the game. Just go to the store and install the game and play? Now it's Kotick just saying Activision is the best game company ever, saying fans want a P2P MW2 and selling maps for 15 bucks. I've never payed for DLC unless it's like GTA 4's huge addons. Microsoft and Sony just making wiimakes of the wii. "PC Gaming is dead!" Fucking PC started gaming! Consoles are PCs with a custom OS really. Come on! Do you guys miss the old days of gaming? I do.

My Reply.

This thread seems to have been started on a misguided uninformed foot.

The games industry is doing brilliantly. Have you even looked at the next year of gaming? Portal 2, Yakuza, The Last Guardian, LBP2, Dragon Age 2, Dead Space 2, Batman: Arkham City, Motor storm Apocalypse and Bulletstorm.

And those are all in the future not too long ago we have had many also awesome games.
Sure there are and always will be assholes on online games but they are in fact in the minority, and tend to only be on those more popular games that are either re-hashes of old mechanics or a franchise that has got huge and has been marketed so well even a alien on Pluto probably knows about it and wants it.

Hell people here are complaining games are not made like they used to, but guess what you are looking through jaded glasses, the quality of games ahs only gotten better. Sure we have those few games series that are the same boring bollocks over and over again but guess what, those games should not be what you are basing your opinion of the industry as a whole on.

Gaming becoming a better accepted past time is nothing but a good thing, it means more sales which means more money and more great games. Hell a recent game that was incredibly fun and played on old tried and tested mechanics to create something fresh and fun was borderlands and that has gone platinum, do you think we are gonna see more great games from Gearbox? Hell fucking yes we will!

Activision may be the galactic empire of the galaxy right now but many companies have and will hold that title, EA used to be a horrible company but now they spend their time feeding money into great studios like Bioware and Visceral.

You say that we never had to enter ten codes to play our game, well we did. We have serial keys for PC games for such a long ti9me it was a natural involvement of the protection system for it to advance to consoles, do I like this? Not really, but it is something that has always effected pc gamers and is now just starting to effect console gamers.

If anything on the PC it is now easier to play games with amazing pieces of software like Steam and Impulse you can download and play a game with a matter of hours if you have a good enough internet connection.
The industry is changing and always will and right now certain things are changing in good ways and others in bad.

Developers like Valve, Gearbox, Visceral, Rocksteady, Team ICO, Bioware, Bethesda, Mojang Specifications, Media Molecule and many others.
The games industry is great right now, and like any industry it has its problems. But it isn't the shithole you make it out to be.

You do the millions of people who dedicate their lives to creating brilliant pieces of interacting entertainment a disservice, and I hope you will open your eyes.
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