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Stereotoid Shortblog: Nothing This Week, But Have An FNF Playlist!

SO! We have some bad news. Due to circumstances beyond Xzyliac's control, we'll be postponing all Stereotoid activity this week. This includes the standard vanilla edition of Stereotoid, and the Limited Pancakes Edition that came with the pewter statue of Occams. We will still be honoring any pre-order bonuses, including the Daxelman plushie. Oh, also, no Stereocast Goes To The Movies this week either, it's all being pushed to NEXT week. So, we apologize for our terrible failure. However, to make up for it, we have this awesome, amazing, surprisingly-not-obscure-at-all-which-is-pretty-weird-considering-the-source-material-I-kinda-like-hyphens-if-you-couldn't-tell playlist handpicked by Xzyliac for you to get your FNF on to. You'll find a nice selection of awesome punk and metal tracks to headshot to, so if for whatever reason you can't ever kill Gareth or Guncannon unless Dethklok's playing, then tonight's your night!

So that's all folks. See ya next Friday!

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