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Vindictus - A great little Diablo Fix


So I have been playing this new game (well new to America), called Vindictus. Its a nexon MMO, but its geared towards the western front. Its built on the Half Life 2 engine so it looks as good as it plays.

Basically its a game where you are in town, pick up missions, then go on these "boats" that take you to dungeons. You can redo dungeons on harder difficulty, or just to do bonus quests you did not do your first time through. There is armor crafting and a marketplace to buy/sell. A neat little story and lots of hack n slashing.

Diablo fix are you in need of? Well this is for you. As of the moment its BETA to us Americans, so there is only two classes with a third being released soon. The classes in this game are heroes, so no creating races, sex, can only alter look slightly. there is no tanking/healing, its just like Diablo everyone can deal damage and fend for themselves to some degree. It has a neat intro to the story, and if you like to read you can read all the story or just click through to get the mission and hack away.

If you are looking for some fun and a fix till Diablo 3, then this is a fun game you should check out.

P.S.If you need a code hit me i have one available, then you get two for signing up so I would just request one back to continue giving them out to everyone.
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