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Its been such a long time, I think I should start ranting... again.

Having finally decided to get a life, I fell out of the Dtoid blogs for a while. Well and also I ran out of things to say. It doesn't take long for I am not very interesting. Anywho, I return for now to write a blog about something new I have to say, yipee.

Here be it:

While browsing the usual video game sites to look for interesting news, I came across an article about Mass Effect 2's new downloadable content. The article was rather upsetting, since I believed it was a jackass move on Bioware's part. The content was the new Lair of the Shadow Broken mission, where you help Liara(a hot alien chick for those of you who don't know) find and take out the Shadow Broker.

I was happy and angry, excited and mother flippin upset. The Shadow Broker had been mentioned in both games, and he was mentioned as being a big deal. The man creature thingy has a lot to do with the crap going on in the Mass Effect Universe. So this is likely going to be awesome DLC. Let me get to the point though, it is a very big deal. So the fact that I have to pay extra money to get something that is a part of the games main plot, is rather ridiculous.

Buying DLC for any game has never crossed my mind until now. It is just extra stuff that doesn't really matter but offers you more. I have never spent Microsoft points on extra content, well not including songs for Rockband. Nor have a ever felt the need or like it mattered. Not until now, and I ain't happy about it.

So I did buy the new Mass Effect DLC and played through it, and it made me even more unhappy because of how great it is! Its epic hugeness is something no Mass Effect player should have to miss, so they shouldn't have to pay extra for it!

I would call it a clever yet evil business decision on Bioware's part. They make more money off of something Mass Effect fans feel compelled to buy because of its importance. Fuck, they got my money and I never planed on buying DLC for Mass Effect.

In conclusion... Fuck.
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