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My first time with: Super Metroid

Now this took a long time. I finally beat Super Metroid for the very first time. Damn, I can still remember my first try, which I actually described in one of my very first C-Blogs. Why does it always take me so long to do that stuff? So anyway, here are some thoughts I got while playing the game!

First I have to give you some perspective: My first Metroid game was Metroid Prime on the Gamecube, followed by Hunters and Prime 3. So, basically, 2D Metroids are new to me. I have tried to beat Super Metroid twice before, and this third time I was interrupted by Other Mī, which totally was not worth it.

The best Aspect of the game are its atmosphere and Level Design. Atmosphere is not something easy to achieve, but Super Metroid makes it seem easy: it uses the finest 16-Bit graphics and really good, perfectly paced music in order to suck you in. What's even more impressive: even though other Metroid games later kind of recycle the music (as did this one partially) the melodies hold up and there is enough variation between the version in order to give it an unique feeling. Kudos to the sound and music team.

The Level Design never lets you feel like you're eternally stuck. There always is room for exploration and it is impressive, how your perspective of a certain area can change as soon as you get certain power ups. Areas then don't feel like something static, but as something that shifts with your experience. This becomes really obvious during the escape scene, where your power ups are essential in order to survive.

It's also interesting to see, how climatic this game is without using text or a proper narration per se. This game is a rare example of videogame-exclusive storytelling mechanisms. This makes the end boss fight so much more interesting. It immediately made me forget the beginning of Other M, because that game did not achieve the same effect with it's shiny super awesome CGI graphics.

I had some problems with bosses and sometimes the difficulty got to me, but nothing I couldn't handle in the end. Somehow I feel like I should play it again soon, which is a testament to the quality of the game. I certainly don't feel like a wasted my time as with many other games and I am happy to have closed that hole in my overall gameplay experience.
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