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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - PRE-PAX Comic-Con & Ys Contest Winner Edition!

Dag yo! So, it’s time for yet another edition of A Compulsive Collector’s Haul! It seems like it’s starting to become tradition in how I cannot actually manage to post my “last” haul prior to PAX, before I actually end up going. Well, this time though, it’s actually a pretty sweet haul that I was trying to get up before PAX, but sadly ran out of time to do so. Trust me, this may be a sweet haul, but the PAX one I have coming up is pretty ballin’ as well! I’ve got some kickass stuff from the San Diego Comic-Con 2010, a lot of which is SIGNED by famous Capcom employees, as well as some Square Enix Members prizes, a box of goodies from the fine folks at TopWare Interactive, and a prize from a contest that was held by Xseed Games! On with the show!

Let’s start off with a bang! Through and eBay contact, I managed to snag some of the most coveted stuff from the Sand Diego Comic-Con 2010. It’s pretty much all Capcom stuff, but I am not complaining one bit. Here we have a Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Poster (a game I’m actually really looking forward to), signed by producers Shu Takumi and Hironobu Takeshita! There’s also an Okamiden Silly Bandz there as well.

Did I mention that I’m like the BIGGEST Okami fan in the world? And how that only I can dictate where the series will go? And that all the fan fiction I wrote about it is totally what Okamiden is? And that if you try to argue or discuss any of my claims, it means that you totally hate everything that is Okami, even if you agree with my praise of the game/series? ^_^ For those of you who are a bit newer to the site/this blog series, you may not get that previous passage. For those of you who have been with me for a while, you know what/who I’m referring to! =) But yeah, continuing with the awesome Comic-Con stuff. We have an Okamiden Yomigami Poster, along with another Okamiden Poster, only the latter is signed by producer Motohide Eshiro, where she was available for only 2 hours during the convention to do signings! Ballin’!!!

Hopefully you’re not going to hunt me down and try to kill me for this, Mr. I Used To Be megaStryke but now I’m Tony Ponce! =P But this here is a Mega Man Universe Mega Buster Foamie (note how you can see my hand in it?) that is signed by producer Akiko Ito where she was only available for 3 hours during the convention to do signings, and only 50 of these foamies were given away every half hour during the con.

Instead of spending an obscene amount on shipping to Canada through the Capcom store, I managed to snag the very limited and very awesome Servbot Bobble Budd from my eBay friend. I also managed to surprise a certain Servbot enthusiast at PAX with an extra one I picked up, who just might go by the name of TheCleaningGuy. [And now this tells you guys how I’m starting to get backlogged again . . . >_<]

Okay, so apparently I lied a little. It’s not all Capcom stuff from Comic-Con. I also managed to get a hold of a Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Slime T-Shirt, as well as a Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Money Clip of which you can see both sides of, due to the magic of Photoshop!

Once again, I must state that I’m a very big fan of MAHVEL BAYBEE! So this is probably my most coveted thing I “got” from Comic-Con 2010! This is a Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Comic Print that is signed by the producer of the BEST (yes, I will argue against those who have a differing viewpoint than mine! =P) fighting series around, Ryoto Niitsuma! He too was only around for 3 hours during the convention to do signings for these things!

All right. So that’s it for the Comic-Con awesomeness! Still, as a mini-interlude to even more awesome, I managed to obtain some guides to one of my favorite series to collect, Harvest Moon! In this picture we have the guides to Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands, and Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

Despite how you don’t get the prizes as often, I already think that Square Enix has already usurped Nintendo of America’s version of Club Nintendo, in terms of the quality of their gifts to loyal customers. I only managed to get to a Silver level membership level for 2009, so my stuff is okay, but if you got to Gold and Platinum, you were rewarded with a special boxed soundtrack from various Square Enix games and a “Square Enix Members” engraved iPod Touch! *sigh* >_< Back on topic! This picture has the Bronze Member Postcards, which features Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and [i]Star Ocean: The Last Hope International[i].

Here is the Silver Member 2010/2011 Desktop Calendar that features: The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Puzzling Pages, The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Chaotic Conflicts, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Final Fantasy XIV Online, some Kingdom Hearts Play Arts, Front Mission Evolved, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Once again, another mini-interlude I have to share. A few of you know I’m a huge FOOTBALL (yes, I went there!) fan and that my team is easily the best sporting team in history, Manchester United! Well, they played a preseason game in Toronto, which I was unable to fly out for, due to my job. Luckily, my homeboy Ghost Maker lives in Ontario and went to the game! He’s also a big fan of the Red Devils, which makes him watching the game and taking pictures seem like I was there too . . . somehow . . . according to my messed up logic! =S Hahaha! Still, he was kind enough to send me a programme, hat, and commemorative t-shirt from the game! Much love mate! ^_^

Oh yeah! Have I reminded you lately that we have a Trading Forum on this wonderful website of ours? Just a thought! With that said, I’ve made yet another trade with the awesome ScottyG! Long story short, he managed to get another copy of Mega Man V (I originally traded him a NON-double copy of it I got), so he traded me his extra copy, along with some awesome swag like a Castle Crashers Medallion, a The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Teardrop Sound Maker, and some Pac-Man Shoelaces for a bunch of games I’m too lazy to list. Once again, a pleasure trading with you mate.

The super kickass people at TopWare Interactive, the people responsible for hosting that amazingly awesome PAX East contest that I won, sent me a box a few weeks prior to PAX (Hey! I’m catching up!). I had to show the box, primarily due to the fact that they’re so freakin’ sweet, as they included my apparently somewhat well known greeting of “Dag yo!” on the box!!!

Inside of the box there was: a TopWare Interactive T-Shirt, a Two Worlds II T-Shirt (THIS GAME IS LOOKING VERY GOOD!), an X-Blades Gun Blades T-Shirt (which is limited to only 100), as well as a very not safe for work X-Blades Artbook (also limited to 100) featuring many “revealing” drawings of the game’s main character, Ayumi.

Has anyone seen that South Park episode, Mystery of the Urinal Deuce, where the focus was how ridiculous all the 9/11 conspiracies were? And it featured the Hardly Boys and their raging “clues?” If you have, then you know that multiple times throughout the episode, Kyle just speaks out and asks “Really?” Well, that was my exact reaction when I also discovered the figure that TopWare sent me. Here is the totally not provocative or alluring Ayumi Figure (also limited to 100) I received! Hahaha! Many thanks one again guys! You’re easily one of the best in the business and totally know how to do video game public relations the right way!

It’s a very small feature from the best store in the universe, but yes, Cash Converters makes yet another appearance in my blog. This time around, we have a NES Cleaning Kit, Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution, and the guides to Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 and a poster less Grandia Xtreme.

This is stuff I’ve purchased online through the NISA store or eBay. I’d say this is a picture full of a lot of win, since you have stuff from NIS, Working Designs (I miss them! -_-‘), and Enix. We have the Sega CD title of Lunar: The Silver Star and the Saturn title of Iron Storm, in all their Working Designs shiny glory! Below those two are Trinity Universe and everyone’s favorite RPG shopkeeper/Dragon Quest spinoff of Torneko: The Last Hope.

So, I forgot to include these GameBoy games I got from a trade with Wry Guy a little while back. It’s a pretty sweet haul if I may say so myself. We have: Operation C, Nemesis, Mega Man II, and Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge. Awww yeah! =D

I am a TREMENDOUSLY big fan of tower defence games. I’ve been playing them since the Starcraft and Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos days. I have no idea why, but for some retarded reason it took me well over a year to actually TRY Plants vs. Zombies out. I downloaded the demo like 2 weeks before PAX, was instantly addicted, went out and bought the Game of the Year Limited Edition, and haven’t looked back since. Holy hell is this game fun! I can’t wait to get the Xbox and DS versions as well! Also, you may have noticed that there’s also a Singularity 128MB Flash Drive in the picture as well. =P

Back in June, Destructoid’s Dale North reported that Xseed Games was having a contest for Ys Seven called the “Name in Game” Contest. I was actually informed about this contest a few days prior to Dale’s post, by my good friend, super importer, and huge Ys fan, Zoel. It was a Facebook contest where you had to become a “Fan” of their page and you were instantly entered to be one of 14 people randomly selected to have their name put into the game as a quest giving NPC. Long story short, I ended up winning one of the coveted spots! But before we elaborate on that, let me show you what I tried to do.

Since I won a contest and all, I had to sign an affidavit and this picture is from the bottom of the second page, where it asks how I’d like my name displayed in the game. I figured it was worth a shot to ask if I could have my Destructoid handle included in my name, and I also thought it was worth a shot to see if we could have our robot leader, Mr. Destructoid, represent my character in the game as well. So I printed out a picture of him, cut and taped it to my form, and then promptly faxed and emailed it to Xseed. I was unfortunately informed that neither my Destructoid name, nor Mr. Destructoid could be included in the game, but at least it was worth a shot.

As a bonus for being a contest winner, each person whose name is included in Ys Seven, also got a copy of the Premium Edition of the game. Xseed was also kind enough to include a little brochure type thing that had information about some of its current and upcoming games, as well as a soundtrack sampler. While I got this copy for free, I also bought another copy of the Premium Edition and gave it to my homeboy Zoel, since I felt a bit guilty that I had won, when he was the one who told me about the contest and is a much bigger Ys fan than yours truly. Regardless, I would like to give a big hearty “THANK YOU” to the people of Xseed Games for holding such an awesome contest. Also, since I’m a bit backlogged and haven’t been able to get to the game yet (damn PAX, work, school, career and house planning, etc.), if anyone who reads this finds the NPC named “Jonathan Lee,” please post a picture of it or private message me please, so I can see what it looks like! ^_^

Well, I’ll end off with a bit of a bang. One of my closest friends (actually, the one who got me my now trademarked DOMO that I bring to the PAXs I attend ^_^), was traveling doing some photography I believe, and once again she brought me back something DOMO related, only this time it was a ballin’ Qee Figure! I now have this shiny blue edition to my growing family of DOMOs, so I thought I’d just post it as well. That does it for yet another edition of A Compulsive Collector’s Haul. I’m pretty sure that if all goes to plan, you’ll actually be getting a double dose today, with my other post being of a SUPER EPIC find that pretty much only ScottyG knows about. So keep an eye out for that. If I do get both blogs up, expect my next one to be about either my PAX haul or my reflections about PAX in general. Until next time, latez mates!
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