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Comments of the week Ė hype machine edition!


You know I don't actually remember why I called this "Hype machine" edition any more because I got sidetracked. Weird

Oh shit son! I nearly forgot that it was my week after the break up between last week and this one kind of got me confused but even if I didnít post this today no one would notice thanks to Halo: Reach being released. Iíve been pretty exicted to play it myself but my friends are all too busty keeping the Halo fun times to themselves to co-op with me. I am sadface.jpg

This Comments of the Week is now dedicated to the cool people that donít need Halo to survive.

From: TGS: Demon's Souls team announces Project Dark

Yeah I couldnít actually use anything Romo had posted as Comments of the Week material because the guy is so damn polite. Not to say he isnít an arsewipe but heís a polite arsewipe.

From: TGS: New Devil May Cry starring a younger Dante revealed

Okay truth time: I think the new Dante looks shit but I respect anyone that can actually give an unlikable design a fair shot so HEL youíve earned a ďTruthĒing buddy.

From: Mortal Kombat developer: We have a PSP2

Iím pleasantly surprised to see a non-avatared commenter not act like an idiot for once. It wonít last though. *scrolls down and sighs

From: Happy 25th birthday Mario!

It was disappointing that Nintendo didnít even release any new Mario news on the 25th anniversary of the first true Mario game. Then again they didnít announce a Gamecube 2 this Tuesday either so I guess itís just been a tragic week for Birthdays.

From: Hands-on: Dead Space 2 multiplayer

Single Player > Multiplayer in my opinion. It really depends on how the gameís designed but I will say that Co-op multiplayer > Competitive every time.

From: Kirby's Epic Yarn: Meta Knight is made of string!

Kirby must now be featured in every Comments of the week from now till the end of time itself! He is just that fantastic.

From: TGS: Suda51/Mikami/EA reveal Shadows of the Damned

I wonder if this is what Jeane meant when she was talking about ĒNo More Heroes ForeverĒ?

From: TGS: Ninja Gaiden 3 announced

Sonic 4 jokes may never get old to me.

From: Metroid: Other M's story fails on so many levels

Iím now attempting to play through some of the older Metroid games I missed through emulation and now I doubt Iíll ever be able to take Ridley seriously again. Then again was the Space Pirate Dinosaur Man ever supposed to be taken seriously?

From: Photos: Halo: Reach launch in Times Square

Truthful AND delicious. Donít cha love Cupcakes? I love Cupcakes.
I <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Cupcakes.

From: Vagina-based shooter Privates 'too sexual' for Xbox 360

Just in case.

From: Video: PlayStation Move setup for dummies

If there was such thing as overachieving a ďlolĒ this would be it. He had me at ďChoco nutsĒ.

From: TGS: Suda51/Mikami/EA reveal Shadows of the Damned

Okay there is so much fail in this comment I shouldnít need to explain it. This is the first comment Iíve read and actually gone ďwut?Ē in a while.

From: Rumor: BioWare working on a handheld game

Jesus Christ man it was two days before his birthday? WHY YOU GOTTA HATE THE ĎCUBE!

From: TGS: PS3 firmware v3.5 next week, actually adds function

Why the elusive triple fail. Itís amazing that I didnít realise that all of these were from the same guy till I started writing this. Give that history a read; itís definitely good for a few laughs.

From: Mortal Kombat developer: We have a PSP2

Guess WHO! Iím pretty sure every is sick of me using the ďwut?Ē section as a hall of What Up Xbos stupidity but each time I try to not add in a comment I see something like that needs to be recorded as a service to the good people of Destructoid

From: Dynasty Warriors 7 announced as a PS3 exclusive

At this point Iím just thankful What Up Xbros didnít get banned to quickly for me to get all these comments screen-capped.

God I love Sony Fanboys.

From: Metroid: Other M's story fails on so many levels

Disagreeing =/= trolling bro.

Well itís been fun guys. See you in 6 weeks!

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