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Anamanaguchi-Philly-NARP Recap Belated Edition

SO Yeah, Dtoid Penn is Alive, if a bit busy and behind in things. But Hey Better Late than Never right? So let's get this recap rollling since that's why you're here anyway. I apologize in Advance for crappy pictures since we all lacked a solid camera for some reason or another.

Friday things kicked off into Motion with Antwhan, and JTIcefire and his Girl, Nicole discovering the hidden gem that was SPRINKLE KINGDOM!

This was the best Picture of the Sign. Others were too blurry.

It was a in hidden deep in West Philly, (No We didn't Find the Fresh Prince Sadly) and it also happened to be the Jonathan's Place. (From George and Jonathan!) We had an odd mod podge of people here with DJKirsch, and Diverse showing up closer to showtime, they got started latish, but it was alright considering the sheer musical overload that occurred.

This was the best pic we got of the group, too dark, none of out cameras had flash, and i did some touchups FFFFF

On the the music we got treated to, I say treated, because this was a house party, it was donations, namely cheap for all this amazing music.

Now we got blasted with music all over the place, from the chip stylings of Animal Style and Cheap Dinosaurs, to the deliciously 80s D/A/D, then to George And Jonathan performing their self proclaimed THE BEST MUSIC, which is so funky and dance inducing that we bordered on getting the cops on us. By this time it was 1am more or less and we hoped we wouldn't get shut down before Anamanaguchi even finished setting up. Once they got going, things went from 11 after G&J, to 20 with the entire basement just a wall of sound. Namely Awesomeness incarnate.

Throughout the night we were spread out over the house since the sound traveled amazingly though it. DJKirsch, Diverse, and Antwhan were deep in the thick of the pounding basement most of the night. JTIcefire and Nicole hung out outside to hear the awesome tunes since the scene in the basement was crowded as the roads in Philly are.

Did i mention Zen Albatross was here too? Yeah he was, Going around Hobnobbing with all the Acts being a famous musician and such it was cool to get to see him, but it wouldn't be the last.

So let's End Friday's chapter with more about how awesome Anamanaguchi were, they were amazing. Blew the roof off, and played their hearts out for this devoted basement crowd as if it was a huge show. It's hard to imagine coming from PAX Prime to going to a Basement in West Philly. But they put on an amazing show all the same.

More Pictures!

Think that would be all from Dtoid Penn? Well you're wrong! The next day, JT, Nicole, and Antwhan met up with Arctic Fox and his friend Jake, at Chicky and Pete's for Crab Fries and Philly Food.

Customized Old Bay is one thing, Adding Warm Cheese sauce though? God Tier

Afterwards we hit up their better half, known as Play2. A badass bar/Videogame cafe.

What did we do with 2 Stereotoid members there? Why Rock Band 2 of course! 2 hours worth. Good Gaming was Had!


That night JT, Nicole, Antwhan and Diverse met up again in a west Philly Yoga Studio for 8Static, a monthly Chiptune showing that is also amazing too. The Atmosphere is a breeding ground for some great up and coming Chip Artists as well as getting to get in touch with the community surrounding the music, namely Hipsters. I know the thought is frightening but accept the truth, they are our kind of hipsters at least.

We caught Zen Albatross there with his Mini CD for sale among other stuff like Reformat the Planet Documentary and alot of retro gaming swag.

Anyway the music was the draw, on the open mic was a Furry from NYC. I forget his name sadly, he was pretty solid, though really different compared to normal(?) chip music. He was on the gameboy.

Also we had the likes of noteNdo, Chipocrite, Graffiti Monsters, and Knife City (Anamanaguchi's Drummer fyi) SO MUCH GREAT MUSIC AHHH! This was possibly better than Sprinkle Kingdom, if only because the Atmosphere was roomier. Both were amazing nights and here's a video sampling recorded by Julius showing some of Knife City's Set.

Julius has more vids up on his channel. He had to resist the urge to dance hard to get them steady as he could

Some more assorted Pix from the night.

Knife Static's Set got so great that people stormed the stage and danced there too.

So After all that music and fun the narp was almost through, we all went back to JT's place where we played some of Scott Pilgrim on the 360, and then Diverse left for home and we all crashed for the evening.

On Sunday JT had me hang with him while he was working at the Radio Station while i waited for Diverse to get off work. Diverse then did the most bro thing he could and drove me all the way back to State College, then he went back alone to Philly, We had fun dodging traffic, staring at Mountains, Getting grub, and nearly running out of gas.

All in All it was an amazing NARP and hopefully the start of a Strong Year for Dtoid Penn.
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