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Anamanaguchi-Philly-NARP Recap Belated Edition

SO Yeah, Dtoid Penn is Alive, if a bit busy and behind in things. But Hey Better Late than Never right? So let's get this recap rollling since that's why you're here anyway. I apologize in Advance for crappy pictures since we all lacked a solid camera for some reason or another.

Friday things kicked off into Motion with Antwhan, and JTIcefire and his Girl, Nicole discovering the hidden gem that was SPRINKLE KINGDOM!

So After all that music and fun the narp was almost through, we all went back to JT's place where we played some of Scott Pilgrim on the 360, and then Diverse left for home and we all crashed for the evening.

On Sunday JT had me hang with him while he was working at the Radio Station while i waited for Diverse to get off work. Diverse then did the most bro thing he could and drove me all the way back to State College, then he went back alone to Philly, We had fun dodging traffic, staring at Mountains, Getting grub, and nearly running out of gas.

All in All it was an amazing NARP and hopefully the start of a Strong Year for Dtoid Penn.
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