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Thoughts on Valkyria 3's new directions

First off, I'd like to say that Valkyria 2 was excellent on the PSP. Besides graphics, everything was improved. Thus, I feel that Valkyria 3 on the PSP isn't a bad thing.

It seems like Valkyria 3 is gonna go dark. Like, WAY dark. In place of the jovial and mismatched Squad 7 from Valkyria 1 or the bunch of endearing misfits that made up Class G in Valkyria 2, we now get to play as Squad 422, the secret black ops of Gallia. I am stoked about this. It seems like up until now, Gallia has been presented as the country that could do no wrong (besides hating Darcens but then again all the other country do too). Gallia is presented as the little country that could and not only did but did with honor. Such is evident in Valkyria 1 when Squad 7 rejects the use of a super weapon (to be unnamed for fear of spoilers), in favor of preserving a friend's humanity. It's moments like these that it's obvious that the game is telling you "These aren't just good guys, these are Lawful Stupid leveled good guys". This is why I'm really happy to hear that Squad 422 is gonna be made up of traitors, dissidents, and murderers (although from what I understand not all of them are, some just come from messed up pasts).

I usually hate it when my favorite franchises decide to go dark. Spiderman 3 had emo peter. Prince of Persia Warrior Within decided to do away with the lovably arrogant Prince to bring is bondage-armor wearing angst Prince. But I feel like this is the perfect time for Valkyria Chronicles to take a gander on the other side of the color spectrum. The reason that I hated it when my favorite franchises decided to go dark is because they usually do so in the second game/movie. This creates an odd feeling of disconnect with the first game/movie in the franchise since we are used to the lighthearted flavor of the first. Done well, we get masterful use of darkness such as The Empire Strikes Back. Done poorly, and we get overly sexed up slabs of angst like the Prince of Persia Warrior Within. Valkyria Chronicles 3, on the other hand, breaks this trend by upping the darkness in the third iteration. This is great because I've now played 2 game that already featured lighthearted themes and characters; now I want to see the other side of Gallia, the side that orders for secret assassinations done in the shadows, employing a Squad that is a far cry in tone from the previously featured squad/classes.

Just some thoughts.
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