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Alcoholocast Episode 2 records tomorrow (Thursday), QUESTIONS PLZ


Hey brolociraptors, it's Thursday again ALREADY, which means the second episode of everyone's favorite nonsensical podcast is recording!

I just want to say, thanks for all the support from you guys; the pilot episode was an amazing success, and we couldn't have done so without you fine folks. Dtoid Community FUCK YEAH

I know a few of you had some issues with the show though. It's cool; we anticipated it and welcomed any constructive criticism, still do. Perhaps the main criticism was that it collapsed into a mush of "what the fuck is everyone saying?" way too early. The show needs some structure, but we don't want a all-encompassing topic for every 'Holocast either, as that's lame and tends to lead into chaos when you're intoxicated anyway.

So we slaved away to find a solution, and here it is: we're leaving the show all up to you. That's right: Alcoholocast is going to be a purely listener question-driven podcast. That way, we'll have a decent amount of structure and some guidance to whatever we're babbling, and yet we'll still maintain the spontaneity and fast-paced chemistry everyone knows and loves.

To ensure we have enough questions, this post is going up pretty early. So yeah, fling to us your questions, whatever they may be. Wanna learn something about beer? Want to challenge Julius (Diverse) to gay chicken? (Spoilers: YOU'VE ALREADY LOST) There's no such thing as a stupid question*, so feel free to ask away.

We don't have a plan for tomorrow's episode, but it may contain one or some of the following: Juggalos, gay waffles, OKCupid, derogatory comments towards Dtoid females (and males), and beer shits. Also, instead of having a smaller cast, it might actually have a BIGGER cast. I full anticipate having 20 people on the 'Holocast tomorrow night.


*actually j/k, there are stupid questions, and if you ask one, we will berate you on the podcast and make fun of your mother.
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