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Top 10 most influential games of this generation. (#9)


It makes so much sense why zombies have become so popular in video games. Mindless drones you can destroy by the truckload. they're slow moving which makes them easy kills. They're a bloody good time. Gamers have been playing the one vs 1000 scenario for years, and the most realistic (so to speak) manifestation of that concept is the zombie apocalypse. It's a match made in gaming heaven. And that's why I've chosen Left 4 Dead as number 9 on this countdown.

Now before anyone goes and says "FAIL!! Dead Rising did zombies first!!!" here my explanation on this entry. (1) While Dead Rising did, in fact, come out 2 and a half years before Left 4 Dead did, the surge of zombies in video games appeared in the wake of Left 4 Dead. (2) there are other ways Left 4 Dead has influenced games besides zombies. Which I am going in depth on now.

Notable games influenced by Left 4 Dead

Zombie Apocalypse
Killing Floor
Call of Duty: World at War
Gears of War 3

Zombie Apocalypse and Killing Floor are no-brainers (no pun intended) in terms of influence. But how were Singularity, an off-brand Bioshock, and Call of Duty: World at War, a World War II shooter influenced by Left 4 Dead? Well I'm gonna tell ya. Left 4 Dead introduced a multiplayer mode very in which one team are made up of regular human players, and the other team consisted of savage monsters. Singularity's multiplayer follows this style. One team is a group of humans and the other are time . . . monster . . . things.

Left 4 Dead's influence on World at War is a little less direct. World at War came out around the same time as Left 4 Dead, but it had a "Nazi Zombies" mode in which you had to survive wave after wave, of Nazi Zombies. The mode is so popular that after the Juggernaut of Modern Warfare 2 came out and rendered World at War's competitive mode obsolete, many players continued to slaughter Nazi Zombies. And I'm sure the popularity of Left 4 Dead had something to do with it. And that is why I've made it number 9 of the most influential games of this generation.
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