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Hello, community.

Hi there. After lurking for over a year I've decided to become a little more active within Destructoid. I felt I had to come and kind of defend Other M, I enjoyed the game, I'm a fan of the series. But another reason is I never felt I needed to express my opinions as Jonathan Holmes did that for me, but as the latest Other M thing has shown, we don't always agree, so I guess I'll have to speak for myself from time to time.

When it comes to the games i like I can become easily pleased, not many genres go unloved. When I have to think about my favourite game it's always going to be an undecided fight between Metroid Prime and Mass Effect, I love me some sci-fi, I especially love the way plot is told through discovery in the former and interactivity in the latter. I tend to appreciate that.

I'm also no "fanboy", so don't worry about that.. Well maybe I am a bit of a Nintendo fanboy, but not one that feels the need to fight in a console war, I love my 360 and PS3 also.

As for outside of gaming, unfortunately I have a unsatisfying job to deal with and I start studying creative writing soon, the long-term plan is to get in-game development as a writer, finger crossed, eh?

When I get some thoughts together I'll put something worthwhile up, in the meantime this is just yo.
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