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My Journey With The FPS: Halo Haters Gonna Hate

Halo: Reach drops tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. However had you asked me no more than 3 years ago if I'd have given two rat shits of a turd about the Halo franchise, I would have laughed in your face. Then I would have punched it because clearly you were a tool. Why so much hate? It's pretty simple reason and it's definitely one that alot of trolls both on here and everywhere shudder to admit or shrug off in their attempts to hold contempt for a game. It was popular. Really popular. So why is it that 3 years and one new console later I can't wait for a game in a franchise I used to despise? That is the journey we will take here today friends.

I've since bought every single Halo title available...yes even Halo Wars.

It's simple friends. That answer I said before about popularity initially turned me away from the Halo franchise is now the very reason I think they're great. Halo by itself is an okay experience. It has alot of great customization options and there's definitely enough going on in game to keep you interested...but the same could be said for ANY first person shooter franchise. It's the people. Being able to game with a wide variety with people and the fact that killing and being killed by your friends can be frustrating but still fun because they're your friends. Tomorrow, I'll have seemingly endless opportunities to play Halo: Reach with friends and people I'm just starting to get to know on Xbox Live. Playing online with friends is fun, an experience years back I tried desperately to deny. Not that the games I played weren't fun but opening up my avenue to different gaming experiences lead to a niche I enjoy which is what games are all about and doing so with friends doubles the experience. Fun, it's what we're all in it for and while I can still have my preferences, I've decided to let fun take the drivers seat.
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