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Pax Memoir: The Found Weekend (horrible movie pun)

So hereís the bastard I adopted.

I didnít know this guy, but I adopted his (her?) avatar for one reason; because itís cute and it would totally get me laid. Well guess what? I DIDNíT GET LAID AT PAX!!! So thanks for nothing Sonic9jct! Anyway lets begin.

Itís 7:30 am in the airport, better get a pint. Whatís with these new Sam Adamís glasses? Its like there designed with a big bulb to prevent it slipping out of your drunk had. Well done Sam Adams.

Guncannon, Scotty G, Chad Concelmo and I found a carousel on the water front and took that bitch for a spin. It was actually pretty fast, though Guncannon fawned over the bench seats on it. We decided that the first sign you maybe getting old. Hereís the picture I took, itís a Kubrickesque extreme closeup of Chadís forehead (aka its hard to take pictures while moving up and down)

Did you here Duke Nukem was there? I had to wait so long though. It took like TEN MINUTES to get in. Press pass ftw.

Well shit, we better start eating some meat pies and get used to it. By the way, meat pies? Really Brits? You couldnít find some damn fruit instead? Thereís no apples in England? Really?

My camera phone must have really went to shit. Look at these assholes in this pizza box. Donít you know all those late night carbs are gonna catch up with you quick. Brad Nicholson is weeping.

Speaking of carbs, BREAD BOWL CLAM CHOWDER. ScottyG and Cadtalfryn know what Iím talking about. Seriously, next Pax, go to Pikeís Place and get some bread bowl clam chowder. Simply the best.

So I took some video of Chad holding Sonic9jct, but it just disappeared of my camera. Man I am sick of this POS flipcam. Enjoy this horrible quality photo instead, Chad gives it his all and the Amazingness shines through.

Hereís our goldfish for the weekend, his name is Vaginaman. Howíd we name him? I asked Kraid what his name should be. Kraid said Vagina and I said “ But heís a man.Ē Done deal. (Please note his name is most certainly not Troy)

That blurry purple swirl is Tactix giving the magical goodbye speech. After I hugged everyone and left, Iím not gonna say I teared up, but something, probably dust, got in my eye.

Pax was such an amazing experience. I live a blessed life. I have a lot of fun times, but this was something beyond fun. Just experiencing new videogames with friends, hanging out, partying, going to new places (this was my first vacation in about four years), and the general dtoid love I felt from everyone was really special gift. Thank you all for the fantastic time I spent in Seattle <3

Fuck yeah carousel
Dtoid Panel
Whiskey Bar
Everything is Terrible 2

Not applicable

Canít wait for next year!!!

Ps, Hotel Monaco had animal print robes. Zebra action!
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