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PAX '10 and (miss)Alice(dixon)'s Adventures in Wonderland


Last year at PAX I remember standing around timidly until I finally recognized a few people whose pictures I saw online. Within 10 minutes of walking up and awkwardly introducing myself, I was surrounded by people who welcomed me into their community with open arms. This year, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting some lurkers who were just like I was last year, and pull them into the ever-widening Dtoid family. The circle has been completed.

I can't even begin to shout out all the amazing people I got to interact with at PAX. From community, to staff, to industry, to my lovely wifey (she always gets a shout-out, deal with it), I was awash in a constant sea of energy, hugs, video games, and of course - Irish Coffee! I am grateful to everyone involved with Destructoid; through this family I have found both friends and opportunities that I never would have fathomed before. I truly feel like I'm leading a charmed life.

That being said, the focus of this little cblog is to pull the focus in on some of the community members who joined us in Seattle in spirit. As you all may know, our very own mrandydixon has recently become a father, and so was unable to make the trip.

I thought it would be a great idea to give him a little breather from the sleepless, dirty-diaper changing, drool wiping grind of new fatherhood. As such, I invited his avatar and his daughter's (missalicedixon), to fly with us on our PAX pilgrimage to enjoy the show in the town. I learned two things from this experience.

1. mrandydixon's avatar took it quite literally when I told him that we'd give him a break from fatherhood.
2. It takes a village to raise a Dtoider.

missalicedixon was an instant hit with the community. Pendleton was so taken, he immediately offered her two free tickets to the gun show.

America's Sweetheart, Ashley Blavis, demonstrates her winning smile and maternal Prinny instincts.

Waiting in line for the Destructoid LIVE panel (which was insanely awesome... and also just insane), wifey determines that missalicedixon has a copy of Hellgate: London in her diaper.

Since diaper-changing is usually a daddy type function, I went to my folder to get mrandydixon's avatar out only to discover that he had somehow not made the trip. I was frantic until I checked my apartment's living room webcam from the hotel, and realized that wifey and I were had.

Well, we DID promise him a break, and I wasn't about to break poor missalicedixon's heart, so we pushed on and had a great time in Seattle together. We decide to act as good godparents, and give her the essential cultural enrichment required to be a worldly and knowledgeable nerd when she grows up. That meant hitting the science fiction museum.

As responsible wards, we let her know that her helmet was beautiful and unique, but also that there were many types of sci-fi helmets in the world and that they should all aspire to understand and respect one another.

Because nothing's cuter than dressing up a baby, we d'awwwwwed and geeked out simultaneously when she put on Sean Young's dress from Blade Runner

Finally, we impressed upon her the importance of eating right and studying hard if she wanted to grow up to be a real astronaut. She loved trying on the suit.

Meanwhile, back in our apartment in Austin...

The Chapel was a super-cool place and wifey, missalicedixon, and I had the best time hanging out with staff and community. She's really quite a sociable and photogenic little girl.

Meanwhile, back in our apartment in Austin...

Well, that sealed it -- it was time to head home. But the trip meant so much to me, and I had really bonded with missalicedixon in the short time we acted as her wards. So, while wifey poured coffee down mrandydixon's throat and made him take a shower, I made sure to feed her one last time. The experience taught me one final thing -- everything you give to a child, they give back ten-fold.

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