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The Obligatory PAX Prime CBlog

You can tell it's been too long since I posted a Community Blog as it took me ten fucking minutes to find the right page!

Anyway, never mind all that bollocks because I'm trying to talk about PAX Prime! Last week was my first ever PAX, and I must confess that in the months leading up to it, I was shitting myself for a variety of reasons. One major reason was, of course, Destructoid LIVE, something I'd been putting my heart and soul into ever since E3. One other major reason I was nervous, however, was ... you guys.

Time and money have prevented me from going to PAX before, and since I'm also in the far flung depths of the American South, my opportunity to intimately interact with the Dtoid community has been limited. I talk to a fair few of you on IM and occasionally remember to stagger into the Steamtoid chatroom or IRC but, on the whole, I don't talk to a lot of you. Finally getting a chance to interact with community members was exciting, but pretty scary too!

Thursday night was perhaps the most surreal night of my career as I stumbled into Gameworks, then stumbled out again thinking I was early, then stumbled back in after someone grabbed me and told me the Dtoid guys were in that corner that I accidentally ignored. What followed was something that felt like it lasted hours, but was probably nowhere near as long, as I stood surrounded by a very small group of people while I felt silent eyes glaring at me from around the room. I was convinced I'd walked into a lion's den of people that hated me and tried my best to socialize with anybody who'd actually meet my gaze, all the while feeling the burning eyes in the back of my head.

I was assured that it was just that people were nervous, especially since I'm apparently much taller than expected in real life, and mixed in with the wobbly fatness, it kind of makes me look terrifying. In any case, I would like to let you know that Destructoid editors, including this bitter and foulmouthed old cunt, are just as scared of you as you are of them. Perhaps moreso. One feels tremendous pressure to live up to the personality you've been reading on this site for many years. It's incredibly stupid, I know, but it's very weird and scary and awesome all at once.

Anyway, to cut a long story slightly less long, the weekend got more and more amazing as it progressed, and Dtoid LIVE was especially amazing. On the high from that show, I got to speak to a lot more of you, even signing copies of Deadly Premonition (crazy!) and meeting some amazing chaps. I will never forget us becoming a massive fire hazard and getting kicked outside, or a row of Dtoid community members standing up and flipping me the bird as vengeance for Duke Nukem Forever's line-cutting. Without sounding like a big prannet, I have to say that my entire Saturday morning was one of the most amazing, proud, and unforgettable moments of my life.

I would also like to apologize for putting in only limited appearances. I actually missed three of Dtoid's parties, mostly because PAX itself had killed me and I was working far harder than I should've. Saturday, I had no excuse. I just wandered into the Sega party, had several free martinis thrown at me, fell into a TalkRadar recording and then promptly forgot my evening's plans. Next PAX, I intend to work less and party more. I feel like I missed out on a lot.

In any case, I guess more than anything I'd like to thank those of you I spoke to for being so nice and friendly, and those I didn't speak to for not shanking me in the dark. I'd like to especially profess my extreme gratitude and love for everybody who woke up early to watch Dtoid LIVE on Saturday and giving me one of the best days I have ever had. You have no idea what it meant to not only me, but everybody else on staff, that you came and watched and enjoyed what we had to show you. Gratitude is all I have for the support you guys gave us then, and continue to give us now.

Seeing all your post-PAX Cblogs, and the adopt-an-avatar program, and all the great fun everybody had, it seems to me that the Destructoid community is greater than ever, and continues to grow and become more fantastic.

In other words: <3
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