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More Than Just Noise: Classic Mario>Classical Mario

I'm a pretty avid connoiseur of Mario games. Having been let out of prison in sometime in the '90's, I had nothing to my name except 60 years of service, and a government check for thousands of dollars. I got a place to live, a Super Nintendo, and Super Mario World.

I fell in love with the plumber his and musical abilities. I searched for years looking for him, but could only obtain his biographies in video game form to serve as clues for his whereabouts. If the title had Mario in it, I most likely played it at some point in my life. One thing I've noticed as of late is that his siren songs have lost their luster. His recent biographies in game form have dived into an abyss of mediocrity and flacidity.

I'm speaking of Mario Galaxy and Mario Galaxy 2 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii had a fairly satisfying soundtrack). Having been raised on classics for the Super Nintendo, and satiated by the 3D iterations on the N64 and Gamecube-- musically speaking-- Galaxy did not live up to my standards.

The culprit for this crime against Mario music is obvious. Instead of opting to go with varied instruments tailored specifically for individual levels, Nintendo coasted on an orchestra and classical instruments that sully the tone past Mario games gave their lives to create.

Past games did a great job of implementing original music and throwing in occasional nostalgia that fit in very well, but Galaxy music just doesn't cut it.

Final Boss Battle to Galaxy 2

To me, this music is trying to be something it's not. There's some choir singing, and lame classical instruments. Things that don't come to mind when I think of Mario. And it's not just this song in pariticular. The whole game has orchestrations that really shouldn't be put into a Mario game.

Final Boss Battle to Super Mario 64

The boss battle music in Super Mario 64 was a spectacle to behold, in my ears. The music in the final battle with Bowser set the tone perfectly. Using an organ to convey a dark tone may not be the most original idea, but it fits in perfectly in this game. No other level uses an organ in this game, and every level has it's own tone to it. Therefore, each level had it's own music and specific instruments for each individual level. Mario Galaxy merely uses subdued, lazy music that takes hardly any risks at being unique.

Throwback Galaxy from Mario Galaxy 2

When I first saw this in the level select, I was excited, but was a bit disappointed after playing the level. It wasn't nearly as good as the original version.

Original Version from Mario 64

The original had personality that wasn't forced. It fit in perfectly with the bright, adventurous levels and was very recognizable. Galaxy's version doesn't completely capture the nostalgia because the score they use just feels forced.

It's almost as if they got a classical musician and told them to play rock and roll. It just doesn't translate. The use of too many instruments is to blame, and instead of feeling like I'm playing a Mario game when I hear this song, I feel like I'm in the opening song from Oliver and Company.

If you ask me, this game should've used awesome synths and electric instruments, being set in space and all. I mean, even Mario's jump sound effect sounds so corny and overly cartoonish.

But I digest...

Mario Galaxy is a decent game, but the music just doesn't compare to the amazing library present in classic Mario games. It just goes to show that technical proficiency is nothing compared to heart and personality.
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