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Rock Band DLC Reviews: Fine Dime Brizzle Edition


And I'm back again, fo shizzle. In case nobody noticed, this week was an eight pack-izzle from Uncle Snoopy, the D-O-Double-Gizzle. And now that I got all of those out of my system you won't have to worry about any bad Snoop Dogg jokes for the remainder of this feature. Now, most of you are probably going to immediately throw my opinion straight to the trash can when I say this, but these songs are a shit load of fun. Instead of just taking the straight track and putting it in the game, all but maybe one of these songs are special "Rock Band Mixes" made specifically for inclusion in the game. Not following? That's what videos are for.

Also, take note that, due to some Youtube bitchery this week, the Snoop Dogg videos you are about to see are not my own, but from Dogmatic2120. The two RBN tracks are from me since those, for whatever reason, did work out, but I digress. Subscribe to his shit and give him props for a job well done.

Who Am I [What's My Name]?

Here's a pretty good first indication of what to expect from this week. Obviously all the songs are going to be fun on vocals, but most of them are also just plain fun on every instrument. I'm actually a fan of the drums particularly. Despite their simplicity, the first things I ever learned to drum in real life were hip-hop beats so this week was a gloriously fun return to form on the sticks for me. Also of note though is the awesome guitarwork, which you will notice all throughout this week's offerings.

Tha Shiznit

Definitely the hardest on the guitar, not to mention the most fun. Keep an eye out for those trills and the out-of-nowhere triplet rush on guitar, they'll definitely catch you off guard. This is definitely the most menacingly awesome sounding song of the pack, and one of my personal favorites, if not for a certain other song in the pack...

Drop It Like It's Hot

This song has always been a supreme guilty pleasure for me, long before it even was being sang by that crazy guy in that Counterstrike "DOOR STUCK" video. Hearing it redone like this with such powerful drum and guitar work is just crazy to me, and in a weird way makes Snoop's lyrics sound even better. Definitely my favorite of the week, no contest.


It's not too different from the original track (If it's even different at all), but that's not too bad since this is oddly the only song I could have thought of aside from Gin N' Juice that could fit into Rock Band without any modifications whatsoever. It's a wee bit dull on guitar, but the drums are fun and obviously the vocals are good, whether you're singing along to Pharell's high-pitched crooning or spitting to Snoop's awkward attempt at complimenting a female.

Sensual Seduction

My biggest complaint about this song? It would have fit so much better with a keyboard, if you take a good look at the guitar track. Either way, this song is a lot of fun on drums, and despite Snoop's ill-advised turn towards autotuning in this track it's a lot of fun to sing along too, despite being real easy. Might be the least entertaining to play along to, but if you like the song then there's nothing to complain about right?

Snoop's Upside Ya Head

Another good guitar track, with one hell of a main riff that, while not hard in the slightest, fits so damn well for the song. It's also another track where, despite how ridiculously simple the drumming is, I couldn't help but enjoy it for returning me to my drumming roots, so to speak. Not much I can think of to say about this song, aside from I really enjoyed it.

Ridin' In My Chevy

This was probably my least favorite song of the week, but the drums were a lot of fun to play along to. You'll probably notice that unlike the other tracks, this one has a very, for lack of a better term, gangster sound to it. This is one of two songs that managed to retain a very heavy rap sound to it, despite the guitar riffs added to it. Like I said, probably my least favorite.

That's Tha Homie

And THIS is easily the most rap-heavy track of the week. This whole thing is just ridiculously hard-edged, to the point where I had to stop and make sure I was still holding a guitar in my hand. Still, for some strange, unexplainable reason I really liked this song. This is also definitely the hardest drum song of the week, so for fans of heavy hi-hat ride this is all you.

Of Course, Who Can Forget Rock Band Network!?

So I didn't get too many RBN tracks this week due to how many regular tracks came out this week, but the two I did get I really enjoyed, both of them being from previously featured RBN artists on this here review feature.

Girls Love Techno by Scott Attrill

I really, REALLY love this guy, and every time he puts out a song I pretty much drop everything and play it on drums immediately. As is expected from a techno track and his previous songs, the drums are just incredibly fun to play along with, and the track in itself is just a blast to listen to. If you like dance music or thought that Snoop Dogg tracks simply wasn't enough variety for you this week, then get this track.

Revolution by Bang Camaro

Another awesome Bang Camaro track, what more would you expect from these guys? I think it might be physically impossible for them to release a song that isn't anything short of amazing at this point and this is no exception. As usual, the guitar track is hella fun, the lyrics will be stuck in your head for days, and the drum and bass, while not too challenging, is nice to play along to as well. And if I remember, this song is only 80 points too so...what are you waiting for? Download that shit!

And that's all for this week. As usual, comment below, blah blah blah. Tomorrow expect something new and different from us Stereotoid boys, and of course be sure to check in Friday for the real deal!

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