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PAX 2010 Memories


PAX has once again come and gone. And once again, it was the best weekend of my life. This was my fourth PAX and it ranks up there with the best of them. It was awesome to see everyone again, and sad thinking about who wasn't there (cough Necros cough cough). Now, let's talk about all of the good times what I had with good friends.

Thursday was a hugfest as we all met at Gameworks. One by one the Dtoiders flooded in and one by one I hugged you all. Beer was had, Ice car was used repeatedly by Stella, and we all got to catch up. Special thanks to Funktastic for the free copies of MGS and MGS2 Substance, as well as the other free games you handed out to others. Truly, a baddass you are.

Friday I hit the show floor hard. Being this was the first year I had a media pass, I did a lot less waiting. It's nice being able to sweet talk your way to the front of a 3 hour Brink wait line. That night I went with a few fellow PDXToiders to the Capcom Dead Rising 2 party. Boy was that a mistake. I ate the free pizza and took off without getting the free shirt I was promised, jerks. LostCrichton, however, toughed it out in hopes of winning a contest. Good thing he did as he will now have a free copy of DR2 on his doorstep come release day. Everyone met at Gameworks again since the E&C were being dicks. It was nice to see everyone again and quite a few Dtoiders shot the shit with Mr. Michael Pachter. I just got drunk and hugged Samit for 5 hours. <3

Saturday I hit the floor again and of course went to the Dtoid Live panel which was full of all kinds of win. LostCrichton got naked again. That night, team Bowtie Cat, went to a Splatterhouse party that we got VIP invites to. Turns out VIP invites are bullshit since we weren't actually VIPs. After consuming many free beers at the failfest, we stuck around for a few songs from the local band they hired. Then we promptly stole a CD and ran out. We then headed down to the E&C for a wonderful meal of Bangers and Mash. Feeling sad, we drunk dialed a few of our favorite Dtoiders who were not at PAX. You guys know who you are. Upon leaving the E&C we ran into the famous Adam Sessler, who was shitfaced, snapped a few photos and retired at our hotel room.
P.S. Adam Sessler is an awesome dude.

Sunday was the final show day. In addition to games, I met up with some fellow Bowtie Cat editors to meet with Warren Spector. Boy was that fun. He's a man who truly loves games and it was good to hear his take on various subjects. Back on the floor we played everything we could before they kicked us out. That night all of Dtoid met up at Rock Bottom for more drinking and goodbyes. LostCrichton and I brought Xbox 360 faceplates which we tried to get everyone to sign. Hamza handed out Dtoid bobbleheads to everyone who signed up to be Mr. Destructoid for a day. We all said out goodbyes and shed a few tears.

A few shout outs to some homies:
Funktastic - keep being awesome, bring me more games next year
Samit - Yankees suck
Bullettrain - Lord of the Rings isn't lame, you're wrong
Mikey - thanks for the awesome art on my faceplate
Justice - as a fellow resident oldfag it was AMAZING to see you bro
King3vbo - weeaboo
Dexter - i love you brocakes
Tactix - i'll never stop hugging you
Prof Pew - you are every nationality
Knivy - will i ever be as awesome as you?
Sessler - you were drunk bro
Everyone else - <3
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