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More Than Just Noise: The Wheels Of Fate Are Turning


Rebel 1 FIGHT! This past year was amazing time for the fighters with releases like Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, Marvel vs Capcom 2 HD and the amazing announcement of Marvel vs Capcom 3. With many releases one game stood out above the rest in this gamers opinion and that was BlazBlue Calamity Trigger, the spiritual successor to Guilty Gear. Arc System Works put a lot of heart and soul into this game, just by playing that you can sense it. Even though it did have a small roster of characters it quickly made up for that with each characters fighting style and personality and it's simple yet deep combat system. You can easily mash buttons and pull of some really crazy stuff and if you learn the system you can pull off even more crazy and cool looking combos. Another element that BlazBlue has is one of the most well written and interesting story lines for a fighting game and when playing the story each characters branching paths each story unfolds in interesting and surprising ways. To me the story mode is an anime but you get to play out the fight scenes. Just watching the characters talk to each other you can tell that these characters are bursting with personality, to the lovable and somewhat dumb Taokaka to the serious and sophisticated Rachel Alucard. Though there is one thing that makes Blazblue shine above all the rest of the fighters and that is the music that pulses through the game. Blazblue has one of the most fantastic soundtracks for any fighter that has been released, come with me and I'll show you just what I am talking about.

To prepare for this blog I have been listening to Calamity Triggers soundtrack all last week and it was hard to pick only four songs to use in this blog but I did and to start us off is Queen of Rose the theme of Rachel Alucard.

Now if you have played that game you know that Rachel carries herself with high class and can sometime look down with people because of it, even though it is funny at times. She is the overseer so to speak of this story, just a mere spectator and she has come to terms with that. Her theme starts off with a very classical arrangement of music it really sets the tone that she is somewhat mature and takes herself seriously. Then you start to hear the beginnings of a guitar solo and then it comes a short and very fast solo then the classical style begins to mix in with the solo. Slowly the solo disappears and it flows nicely back into the classical arrangement then ends with the music from the beginning of the piece. Daisuke Ishiwatari did an amazing job mixing classical with rock.

The next theme is the ever lovable Taokaka the Kaka clans guardian of the village. Tao is in all words dumber then a box of rocks but she is in all words endearing as well. Playful, forgetful and a bottomless pit for a stomach she is so fun you can't help but like her. Her theme fits extremely well with her, it's fun bouncy and playful, I really can't help but smile every time I hear this theme. Compared to the serious tones of Queen of Rose, Catus Carnival is the other end of the spectrum, lighthearted and fun is the best way to describe it and to me sounds like a theme to an awesome amusement park. One thing I noticed is that this theme lacks the rock that most of the themes have in this game and for that it makes it different from the rest

It's Bang Fucking Shishigami and that is all you need to know.

Now this has to be one of the greatest pieces of video game music I have every heard, Awakening The Chaos the infamous V-13 theme. This theme was a must on for this blog, I have never heard anything like this before ever. The arrangement of the music is near prefect and even if you have never played Blazblue just hearing this theme will make you know that this fight is going to be hard and epic.It starts off with some eerie and calmly chanting now as the chanting is going on you can hear some music building up in the back and when it comes you greeted with a very fast guitar solo and some pounding of the drums then chanting kicks back in and the mix of the two is amazing, it just flows so well. Then goes back to just the guitar and drums for bit then back to mix with the chanting but then you hear it. Then all of a sudden it stops and you hear the orchestral that sounds radically different from what you were just hearing, just for a bit the entire piece was turned on its head. Then all of sudden it's back to the fast paced rock and chanting and not a trace of the soft orchestral music is heard in the slightest. To me this theme tops everyone else's theme in every possible way and is one of the most amazing pieces on the soundtrack.

Earlier this year BlazBlue Continumm Shift was released and with that added new characters and even more amazing music. With Continumm Shift some of the previous themes have gotten vocals put to them and are just as amazing but for this musing I wanted to share the amazing music from the game that started it all. These four songs are just the tip of the iceberg that is the Blazblue soundtrack and each theme is just as amazing as the last, even if you don't want to play Blazblue I highly urge everyone to go out and listen to it's amazing music and experience for yourself.
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