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Top 10 most influential games of this generation. (#10)

Hi fellow Dtoiders. I'm going to, over the next few weeks, write a series of CBlogs counting down the top 10 most influential games of this generation. I don't necessarily mean best games (though all these games are roughly > 80 reviewed games), but the influential as in, revolutionizing/setting a new standard for gameplay conventions, pop culture influences, breeding a new genre of games, etc. So let's get started shall we.

Number 10 in my pick for most influential game of this generation goes to:

This game came out late Summer of 2007 and quietly disappeared not much longer than that. They released one expansion pack (again with little fanfare) and canceled the console editions of the game. Despite not generating much buzz from the gaming community, it provided a new take on real-time strategy that is still being used by many developers. A fast-paced, time driven, form of resources management.

Instead of gathering resources like (ore, Tiberium, gold), World in Conflict gives you a limited number of points to spend on units. Choose your battalion, send them to battle. As units are lost you are refunded a portion of your points. If your team dies, you can simply use the points you got back and send in another squad. But here is where it gets interesting: once you send a unit out you have 45 seconds before you can send in another unit. If your whole squad is wiped out in one blast or air-strike, then you will have to wait until for the time to reset while the enemy takes over your zone. So the game's focus is just a much about keeping your battalion alive as it is wiping out the enemy. As you take over control points and kill enemy units, your guys gain experience and become more effective on the battlefield, and your total point count is increased so you can incrementally expand your battalion.

Notable games influenced by World in Conflict

Tom Clancy's EndWar

While the RTS genre has been largely dormant this generation. These notable games have adopted the WiC style gameplay. And with Starcraft II out, the genre may experience a renaissance. If it does I'm sure many more games will incorporate Wic's style of fast, intense and accessible form of real-time strategy. And that is why I've chosen it as my 10th most influential game of this generation.
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