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The "I Am BACK Destructoid" Blog.

Crappy title? Sure. But I'm back so who cares? You might not have realized I haven't posted a blog lately, well that's cause, I haven't had internet. I lost mine quite a little while ago. So yeah, it's great to be back. Time to get to today's show.

Xbox's Platinum Service

Nation, I'm against those who want money so badly even though they have more than plenty. I dislike Activision, for example. However they still make great games, so who cares? But now Microsoft has offered this new service, which speculation leads to it being $100 for "virtual goods" or "Internet Television" according to Micheal Pachter. I think he's full of analytical crap. Regardless however, this will be one thing I'm strictly against. All I want is to play with others in CoD.

Black Ops Multiplayer

I've played Gun game before, and it was a BLAST. You would start with a throwing knife, and every kill you got something slightly better. Then there was the other version, which started you with a handgun, and you got a nice upgrade every 3 kills. Seriously, LOOK FORWARD TO THIS. Treyarch will NOT dissapoint. They already have the right ideas.

The New Pokemon Black/White

My god this commercial looks like it's a whole new game. My Main "Beef" with the pokemon series was that each sequel was a tiny graphical boost and different pokemon. But it's getting really neat. The 3D rendering is beautiful. I hope it succeeds, then dies shortly after. End it here, Pokemon.

Also, it's (Poke- ee - Mon), not (Poke - ay -mon)

That's it for now. I hope to post my Monthly Musing Later.
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