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PAX Day Zero

Cutting to the chase. After a 7 am beer at LAX, I arrive in Seattle at 11 am. WOOOO first thing, drop off luggage and head to the Sheraton for my press pass. My first one ever!

Head to Red Lion for Dtoid meet up before heading to the Tap Room, a bar/restaurant . Chad Concelmo said the funniest thing ever to Dale North as he took a picture of a flower. Something along the lines of, �Oh, Dale�s doing his gay flower shit.� Maybe you had to be there, maybe not.

Tap Room, Chad and I immediately order beers, Div3rse gets some of the best looking/hilariously gimmicky cocktails of all time. Everyone else orders diet cokes, the waiter sighs. BTW, I asked him to surprise me with a refreshing beer, he brings me something that tastes like Miller Lite. Someone didn�t get any extra tip upon the 18% gratuity added for large parties.

Dale North and I chat up cameras. He like technical aspects, I like emotional resonance. We hit it off. Conrad Zimmerman tries to sway me on the delicacies of what degree a hamburger is cooked. He doesn�t sway me.

Chad, GunncannonD, ScottyGrayskull, and I go down to Pike�s Place, the place they throw the fish around, but that comes later. We walk along and I am in love with the length of the sales hallway and the round globe lights along the entire path. Gunncannon spots an aquarium, and we make our way.

Walking down the almost steep sidewalk, spices fill our nose, neon sisters battle over pancakes, and giant fingers point the way. Gunncannon uses his fantastic vision to find a Carousel, which the rest of us cannot and therefore believe him to be crazy. Walking along a boardwalk, we scoop the view. Clear water, mountain ridges, and an enormous snow covered rock. Mount Rainer, it turns out, takes our breath away and confounds our imaginations with it grander.

We walk into a building with a giant neon sign. �Carousel.� Ok, so Guncannon can spot things the rest of us miss, even if it�s glowing and huge. Inside lies a huge Carousel and AN ARCADE!!! AN ARCADE!!!! I hit the change machine and immediately start a game where you must bash small animals to near death. Chad is appalled, laughing the entire time. We play an Aliens light gun game that is hard because you have to shoot ammo boxes to reload. Its novel, but unfulfilling and rather cheap. After our loss, we find Gunncannon and Scotty have jammed a shark hunting game with Canadian coins. You�re safe for now Hamza.

We walk to the aquarium and along the way pass a horrendous Christopher Columbus statue. Imagine the Wheelers from Return to Oz with tits. Our price limit we set for the aquarium was $10. It was a special today, $15. Fuck you aquarium.

Back up at Pike�s Place, we get lost in the underground labyrinth that is chachkie heaven. Then an unbelievable find�

We make our way back to the fish market. We look for all of twenty seconds when the beard workers start chanting something. Then right in front of us, they throw a 10 pound trout over a Chinese lady�s head. I was so happy. Check one thing off my bucket list. Leaving Pike�s, another unimaginable discovery�.

Chad is in heaven.

As we make our way back to hotels to rest up before Gameworks (yes the day isn�t even over yet!!!), we examine a water wall. A plaque at our feet tells the tail of a young boy who was taken by a water dragon. It seems we can rescue the boy by walking through. I immediately jump through the water wall, ganking my ankle a little bit. Everyone thought I fell in, and I almost did. It turns out they have a little walkway for people to use, but I really felt the need to save that boy.

Chad and Scotty depart for their hotels, Guncannon and I to ours, instant memories. And inside jokes abound. As I lay here in my zebra print robe (awesome hotel, bought to go get some free cocktails and sangria btw), we are resting up before the GAMEWORKS, where games certainly shall be worked. PAX hasn�t even begun, and I am already in heaven.
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