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Rock Band DLC Reviews 8/31: Not Going Country Edition


Howdy howdy bitches! Or, well, perhaps howdy isn't the best word. For those of you that enjoy reading this, you're probably wondering why it didn't show up Tuesday. Well, the simple answer is this- I just don't like Country music. Originally, I was just gonna skip this whole feature this week. However, like any good habit, the urge to record and review dies hard and, I decided, what the hell. Let's do some classic DLC this week. Since something is better then nothing correct?

This Week's Stuff

So, there was no rhyme or reason for what I selected this week, to be honest. That, and I kind of had an itch to sing this week, so you'll notice that I tried (keyword there, 'tried') to juggle both guitar and vocals this week, except for the Between The Buried And Me tracks, which I did on bass. Anywho, I like all these songs, and would recommend 'em to anyone, just...it was a slow week. All of these songs are old. Except one. Yeah. Don't know what else to say. MOVING RIGHT ALONG...

Disco Rocket by Scott Attrill

Let's start with the odd man out, and the only new track I did this week. Now, to all those people that are thinking "It's called ROCK Band, this song has no business being here", I have one thing to say- Fuck. You. As a huge fan of dance music and a guy that has way too much fun playing completely out of left field tracks like this, I had an absolute blast playing along, and would recommend this to anyone that thinks they'd do the same. Also, he has another track called Hot Stuff that is a LOT more challenging on the drums and is also hella fun.

You're All I've Got Tonight by The Cars

I fucking love The Cars. So there. Bias incoming. That being said though, this is a nice mix of fun and challenge on each instrument, and since it's by The Cars it's also ridiculously fucking catchy. If there's one thing I could say though, it's that this entire album would benefit from getting keyboard functionality patched in. If that ever happened, I swear these would be the most played songs in my library.

Even Rats by The Slip

Yup, we got a Guitar Hero 1 classic here! This song was one of my favorites in Guitar Hero 1 and it's still just as great. The drums are a challenge but a blast to play if you can hit it, but if anything this song is perfectly tailored for voxtar action. On top of that though, it's just a beautiful track irregardless. It's really nice to see a track like this come full circle and show up in Rock Band 2 after being such a great song in Guitar Hero 1.

Your Decision by Alice In Chains

Of all the songs to sing along to in Rock Band, I usually enjoy the Alice In Chains songs the most. The song has a good mix of challenge on guitar, and the vocals are great to sing along to, particular the post-chorus section. If you like Alice In Chains and aren't one of those douchebags that refuses to listen to them now that they have a new singer then go for this song.

Heaven Beside You by Alice In Chains

Another Alice In Chains track, this time an older track and probably my favorite song by them of all time. Another fun and challenging track on guitar, but every instruments gets a little something this time. Not much to say really, aside from this is simply a great song.

Prequel To The Sequel by Between The Buried And Me

Alright, let's get down to the hardcore stuff. Now as far as metal bands go, Between The Buried And Me are probably one of the most talented groups out there, and this is probably one of my favorite tracks by them. Unfortunately it cuts out right before the polka interlude, but it's understandable from a gameplay perspective I suppose. As expected, the song is a challenge on all instruments (Aside from vocals), but the drums are easily the hardest. The best part though? This song was free to anyone that bought Rock Band 2 for free! So if you did and you never used the code on the back of the manual, do it!

Mordecai by Between The Buried And Me

Okay, so this song is a LOT harder then Prequel To The Sequel, but this is also Silent Circus era BtBaM, so it's to be expected. Though don't let the intro scare you, it gets much easier after that part. And if you're not a fan of screaming metal like this, the song takes a drastic turn around halfway through and becomes something simply beautiful. This was if I'm not mistaken the first Rock Band Network track I bought, but it's still easily one of my favorite tracks available.

And that's it for this week guys and gals. As usual, sound off in the comments, tell me how terrible I am, and stay tuned for the real deal tomorrow! Also, if the rumor comes true, be sure to check back Tuesday for, I shit you not, Rock Band DLC Reviews: SNOOP DOGG EDITION. Fo shizzle dizzle my Destructizzles!

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