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Another Short Blog: Freshmen Standard Edition (Results are in!)

Another Short Blog: Freshmen Standard Edition (Results are in!)

If you had read my previous blog post (http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/chaos+oracle/short-blog-here-s-the-plan-suggestions-needed--181825.phtml) you would know that last time I requested some advice coming up with a topic for my weekly blog series. My hope was to have announced the results yesterday and also completed my inaugural first piece, but sadly this was not to be. Three days ago my summer as I knew it ended, and I began orientation leader training at my college to assist incoming students adjust to college life. I had originally anticipated writing during this period, but training has been so tiring that I often collapsed in bed before even looking at a computer. To make matters worse, when I did make it to a computer, sleep deprivation rendered my grammar to that of a two year old (apologizes if I'm still not yet cured of this).

Tomorrow, I have the day off technically, but I will be spending most of it helping a couple of friends move into my apartment for orientation. After that orientation officially kicks off, and I will be at the university from seven in the morning to twelve the next morning till Wednesday, the day I officially start classes. Needless to say not much writing will get done during this period, so it is imperative I break some ground here and now, lest those freshmen successfully prevent my writing.

So first things first, here are the results of the last post. I decided to go with Occam's electric toothbrush's idea as the basis of my blog. As a nods to his post the official name for the series will be called "RPG Minutia". Basically, every week (or two weeks) I will examine singular, often overlooked parts of RPGs that I really love. While I won't spoil what the first series piece will be about, I will give you a little clue. It revolves around a popular gaming convention that is also the name of my favorite song of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album. Have fun guessing!

As for additional writings, I'm also going to be doing reviews of relatively old RPGS from time to time. The first one will hopefully be completed in the next hour or so (it's been sitting in a word document for a while now).

*The picture is one of the first things that came up when I goggled world's shortest electric tooth brush.
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