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Why you can’t play Metroid Other M while worrying it’ll be bad.

Nation, I’ve heard so many people wonder “Is Metroid Other M gonna be good?” The answer is a DEFINITE…


Anyways, this is a bad mind-set. Thinking something’ll be terrible/bad/awful/Borderlands makes you focus on that negativity the whole time you play the game. It’s why 99% of blind dates don’t work. Someone is thinking “I’m so afraid, this might be terrible!” because then they start the date and they focus on “Might be terrible” so much that it becomes worse than it might be.

So before you even spend a moment thinking, “I’m afraid”, get that thought out of your head. Think more like “It’ll be as good, as it truly is.” Because then you won’t focus on the negativity.

This has been a helpful hint from your truly.

*Peut-etre means “Maybe” for all of those not knowing French.
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