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Why you can�t play Metroid Other M while worrying it�ll be bad.

Nation, I�ve heard so many people wonder �Is Metroid Other M gonna be good?� The answer is a DEFINITE�


Anyways, this is a bad mind-set. Thinking something�ll be terrible/bad/awful/Borderlands makes you focus on that negativity the whole time you play the game. It�s why 99% of blind dates don�t work. Someone is thinking �I�m so afraid, this might be terrible!� because then they start the date and they focus on �Might be terrible� so much that it becomes worse than it might be.

So before you even spend a moment thinking, �I�m afraid�, get that thought out of your head. Think more like �It�ll be as good, as it truly is.� Because then you won�t focus on the negativity.

This has been a helpful hint from your truly.

*Peut-etre means �Maybe� for all of those not knowing French.
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